Tuesday, 6 April 2010


I've had a lovely day yesterday, pottering about. No cooking as the house was still full of food, no degree work as I've finished my module so instead I decided to clear up my workroom... put all the books away and clear the decks ready for the start of the next module. But I got distracted when I discovered this book, bought half price a couple of weeks ago simply because I wanted to make the bag on the cover.

So that's what I did... made the bag on the cover! It was really easy and only took about 35 minutes (the fabrics were already cut out)... except for the rouleau loop which I spent nearly 45 minutes trying to turn through. In the end I gave up and made another one from a thinner fabric.

But I'm really pleased with the way it turned out. I added some spotted lining because I didn't fancy the raw seams inside... it was quicker to do that than neaten all the raw edges!

And it is perfect for storing another project I started yesterday...

My Marion Foale "Gina" jacket is on the needles!

Today I really should get back to tidying the workroom as I'm back to work tomorrow (class at Art Van Go if you fancy a day out stitching)... or maybe I'll find another distraction?


  1. Actually, the distraction will find YOU! Oh yes it will..................


  2. Very smart Gina! Did that label come with the book? or with the fabric?

    You're going to look very chic in that knitted jacket.


  3. I'm easily distracted...

  4. Aaaah distractions. They make life tric..oo look, clouds!

  5. What a wonderful distraction ,I am really into making bags at the minute I love yours ..love Jan xx

  6. wow the bag came out just perfectly. I must say I do like a bit of Cath Kidston.

    Thank you for your supportive comment on my latest post - I think it is good to let things out sometimes, and the garden is looking better today too. Oh, to more pottering! :)


  7. Oooh, lovely projects both.

    I have two distractions bere I can lend to you if you find yourself short ...

  8. Oh, bravo on that beautifully sewn bag. The lining was a very good idea.

    I am another fan of Ms. Foale's sweaters. Years ago, I made quite a few for myself and for gifts from a wonderful paperback pattern book of her designs ... think it had "Vintage" in its title. The patterns were beautifully detailed ... every stitch did count.


  9. Such a pretty bag Gina! Does the fabric come with the book? I totally agree -- it's so easy to whip up a lining - why bother with all those fiddly seams? Looking forward to seeing your finished jacket!

  10. i'm easily distracted - that's why i have so many ufos! I have that book, but not made the bag yet!


  11. Wow I can't believe how much I have missed. You have been so busy and all that cooking no wonder Neil wanted me to have a look.
    Your course work looks great so bright and colourful, well done. The little bag is sweet.

  12. Beautiful! If only my own distractions were so productive!

  13. Just a thimbleful....

    Lovely bag Gina and the jacket looks great too.
    I am on a BIG promise to tidy up but got distracted into the garden this afternoon. If it rains tomorrow, I shall tidy. Oh no I have just remembered I am at the Gallery. Oh well, Thursday!

  14. Your bag is fab Gina! I cheated on the rouleau loop by putting a zip in instead. I just wish the bag was at least twice as big! Lucy x

  15. The bag is lovely - and in under an hour??? I'm impressed x

  16. I've never looked back since I acquired a pair of arterial forceps...


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