Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Honest Things

A little while ago Jill awarded me this blog honest award. Obviously as with any blog what you read is an edited version of my life but I do like to think that what I do choose to share is honest. As with any award there are rules which I won't play by... I'm not passing it on but I will attempt to list 10 honest things about myself.

1. My Favourite Film ... I like films, old films, new films, sad films, happy films but if I'm being honest my favourite is still An Officer and a Gentleman. If you have read my profile you'll know I'm the first to admit this is very cheesy... but Richard Gere... on a motorbike... in that uniform... I love it!

2. I am reading... One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Sam bought it for me for Mother's Day so I feel I must read it, but I'm struggling through. The reviews say things like "required reading for the entire human race" and "The greatest novel in any language in the last fifty years" but I just don't get it!

3. I am listening to.. Hunky Dory by David Bowie. Still love it after all these years!

4. My favourite item of clothing... does footwear count? My lollipop shoes!

5. My favourite holiday... I'm lucky enough to have visited some beautiful and interesting places but Stewart and I went to the Maldives for our honeymoon and that has to be the most stunning place. The sea really was that colour, the sun shone, we snorkelled and saw the most amazing sea life and we were just so relaxed... it was fabulous!

6. I am messy... I hate being messy, I wish I wasn't messy but I am as you can see from the following two pictures of my workroom... I am very messy. Maybe this will shame me into tidying up?

7. The last thing I ate... was a raspberry muffin.

8. My pet hate... is sand, especially sandy feet (unless I'm in the Maldives!) This would be my idea of hell. These are not my feet I hasten to add!

Photo from Google images

9. My luxury item... would be freshly laundered cotton bedlinen every day. No photo for this because I don't have freshly laundered bedlinen! In fact my bed is very messy (See no. 6 above!)

10. I'm feeling... horrible! I've got a bunged up head, I'm running a temperature, I ache all over and I'm coughing, so if you'll excuse me I'm off to my messy bed.


  1. All fab and funny facts Gina - except for pesky old number 10! :o( Hope you're feeling better really soon. Lucy xxx

  2. That sounds miserable Gina - do get better soon. I predict Trash will make a pig-related comment.

    Lovely honest facts here - that pic of the Maldives - wonderful!

  3. Oh dear - I do hope you'll soon be feeling better. If you think your room is messy it's a good thing you can't see mine. Look after yourself and get well soon.

  4. There are so many germs around at the moment :-( I do hope you feel much better soon.

    I too love 'Hunky Dory' by Bowie, and I haven't seen 'An Officer and A Gentleman' in way too long! Must look for it on TV at some point.

    Gorgeous shoes ... just gorgeous.

    Take care. x

  5. I hear you on number 2. I found that book really hard going too.

    Ummm.... swine flu joke? Errr... nope sorry. But I'm working on it ;-)

  6. I'm with you on the sandy feet - I hate it too!

    Poor you, sounds like you need some TLC. Have a hot toddy and get well very soon.

  7. The one thing worse than sandy feet is sand in your swimming cozzie.

    Hope you feel better soon - I'm hoping we may get Orchard-worthy weather next week perhaps!

  8. aw hope you're feeling better soon Gina.

  9. I hope you're feeling better soon Gina. I'm also very relieved that you didn't say how much you love One Hundred Years -- I really didn't get that book either -- among my circle, I call it One Hundred Years of Hell. ;-)

  10. Poor you Gina. Hope the cold passes soon. I liked your list though couldn't possibly agree about the sand of course! x

  11. Love that list! And really hope you're feeling better and brighter, messy bed and all!!

  12. Hope that you will soon be feeling much better. An Officer and a Gentleman is my favourite film. I totally agree with you on number 9.

  13. Great post. I'm with you on David Bowie. He is a god! And you know how I am about shoes. Especially red ones! Hope you're feeling better soon. x

  14. Get well soon, my son is home ill with the same thing. I like reading your honest things!

  15. am so sorry you are poorly and i hope you get better very soon! if you think your workroom is untidy i would hate for you to see mine!!!
    richard gere - uniform - what more can you say!!!!
    i did have a look at that book - i was in my must widen my reading mode but i just looked at the first two pages and decided no! p.s. have just had a cuppa with a huge slice of dorset apple cake!!


  16. Sand in your sandwich. That is the worst thing.

    Get better soon - or is it just an excuse to lie on the sofa and review your Richard Gere collection?

  17. Hope you feel better soon Gina. I loved reading your 10 honest things and recognise a few of them - being a very messy person who would also love freshly laundered sheets each day instead on ones with toast crumbs on (Amy likes breakfast in my bed). I'm in total agreement with the Gabriel Garcia Marquez book but would definitely recommend his other book 'Love in the time of Cholera' which is one of my absolute favourites.

  18. 100 years of Solitude - keep going. It won't get improve but that may be the length of your quarantine if it's pig flu.

  19. If it makes you feel any better your mess looks quite tidy to me!
    Hope your head feels better soon.x

  20. I know what you mean about 100 years of solitude being hard to get into, I kept having to check the family tree at the front to make sense of what was going on. I suppose it doesn't help that a lot of the chracters have the same name... But I think it was worth the effort to read; although I couldn't repeat the plot some of the description still comes back to me.

    I'm currently reading The House of Spirits by Isabel Allende and it reminds me of that book (in a good way!) Perhaps it's because it has the magical realism without the confusing plot lines! I'd recomend it anyway :)


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