Sunday, 17 May 2009

According to Plan

Don't you love it when everything goes according to plan. Saturday was spent with the Young Embroiderers. Due to a couple of the girls getting Saturday jobs and another couple of families moving away (... or maybe it's just me that's put them off???) we only had five of our members turn up. But it was still a good session and these are their holiday postcards:

Danijela and Alexsija (who happen to be twins) both made ice creams.

Nikki made a snazzy pair of sunglasses... don't you just love the crab with its little beady eyes?

Quentin, who is only 11, was really nervous about using the sewing machine as he'd never done it before. After literally only 5 minutes showing him how it worked, he not only attempted regular sewing but was free machining too... look at those fabulous waves! He even called his boat "Bernina" and wrote it on the side in free machining.

And Molly, our youngest member made a picnic on the beach.

Today, there was plenty of work done in the garden as planned and I've finally planted up two of my vegetable beds. There are peas and garlic... (okay... those are marigolds too!)

As well as French beans. The courgettes and sweet corn are hardening off and seeds are sown for radish, lettuce, spinach, kale, beetroot and carrot. Now's the difficult bit... waiting for everything to grow!

And when the rain showers forced me inside there was even some baking done... date and walnut muffins which weren't half bad!

There was also some sock creature creations but they're not quite finished so you can't see those yet... maybe tomorrow.

Not being able to take another single day let alone One Hundred Years of Solitude, this is going to be my bedtime reading for tonight...

I've got to do something while I wait for those seeds to grow!


  1. Geoff Hamilton and muffins sound like a lovely combination to me.

    Your YE group never fail to astound with their skill and imagination!

  2. Your Young Embroiderers were obviously inspired. Excellent work!

    You have to have marigolds, they are good for pest control :o) Very impressive gardening and baking.

  3. Those kids are brilliant! I wish I had a teacher showing me stuff like that when I was a child.

  4. Wow Gina, so much activity! Love the embroidery pictures. Very inspiring when little ones get it too. Veg looks good too. x

  5. Your Young Embroiderers have done a fantastic job! I'm especially impressed with Quentin as I've been sewing for years and can't free-motion stitch like him!

    Your garden is looking fabulous too! And I really love Geoff so maybe I should try to find myself a copy of that book.

    Lucy x

  6. Your new vegetable garden's looking great! And companion planting too - very Bob Flowerdew ;-)

    How exciting!!!!!

  7. your garden is looking good - am doing the same, watching it start to grow and hoping it doesn't all get munched by some little beasties!! already had the leaves nibbled off the broccoli!!
    love the embroiders' creations - brilliant, all of them!


  8. Lovely postcards! Garden is looking good too. My marigolds aren't in flower yet .. x

  9. I love kids craft - they are just so happy to try new things....

  10. I love the ice-creams and I'm very glad you told me those were sunglasses...

  11. Those postcards were great. Glad you're feeling a bit better now. The moderation day at the Minories turned out to be really quite enjoyable!Its a great venue shame its not more accessible for some of the others.

  12. A really lovely post. I have enjoyed visiting you today and catching up! The young embroiderers'holiday postcards are terrific - such talent!

    Hope your veggies grow nice and big and the cookies look delicious!

    See you soon ...


  13. That's a lovely book even if you don't have a garden. I can smell those muffins from here! and what a lovely time those young people had making their stitched postcards - great results too. I have just bought a couple of courgette plants, dwarf runner beans, two cherry tomatoes for hanging baskets and a butternut squash. All I want is for this awful wind to stop bashing everything about. Your veg. plot is looking very good - it's lovely harvesting your own vegs and salads isn't it?

  14. The summery work from the children is gorgeous! No wonder you enjoy it so much - their enthusiasm shows in their work.

    All that gardening talk made me feel tired just reading it! :-O


  15. What amazing work from your YEs! I am truly impressed.

    And Oh, the waiting for growth! I'm sure you'll manage it though.


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