Tuesday, 16 December 2008


I'm tired, I need to go to bed but I've a pudding to finish which I'm taking to our Zigzag Christmas lunch tomorrow, stuff to get ready because I'm teaching in the morning, a present to wrap... so I'm blogging instead. Sound familiar? Well I've some overdue thank yous and I had to show you my paper tree made from folded magazine pages. First seen demonstrated by Moogsmum... (I think) but I'm too tired to find the link. Then I had lunch with a friend last week (lovely lunch thank you Pat!) and she had made one too which inspired me to give it a try.

I think I may have cancelled out all the good of recycling the magazine though by then taking a spray can of gold paint to it!

Anyway... those thank yous. First to Maria for this gorgeously wrapped surprise which turned up at the weekend.

Inside were these two beautiful hearts which will hang on my tree if it ever gets put up. Thank you Maria.

And the second parcel contained these fabulous wiggly bags from Angela... who really must get a blog!

Not only that she included some emergency chocolate too! Thank you Angela.

Angela has recently opened a wonderful shop in Peterborough selling all sorts of fabric and art supplies so if you are in the area do pay her a visit. There will be an official opening in January so I'm sure I'll tell you all about it again as I'm going to be involved.

And to finish... some good news! I have a working oven which has meant the first batch of Christmas baking this week!

I'm now going to bed... the other jobs can wait until the morning!


  1. The mince pies look fab - hooray for a fixed oven!

    I know what you mean about the tiredness - there is SO MUCH TO DO!!! I like the magazine tree - need to find a magazine to do it with. Lovely parcels you had there - those wiggly bags definitely denote a sewist (can't type 'sewer', just can't :-O ) who needs a blog!

    Hope you sleep well - I should go to bed now too.


  2. Hurrah!!! Gina's baking again!

    Hey! that tree! - it's amazingly like the one in The Times yesterday*, except it's pages had be joined together like your plastic bag skirt!


    * £150 by artist Tom Gallant

  3. Mmm...lovely mince pies!

    Your magazine tree is lovely. Not sure that one would get past the recycling police :-)

    It really is a mad time of year. Somehow, Moogsdad doesn't seem to have the same sense of panic as me...maybe because he doesn't need to knit two pairs of socks and three pairs of wrist warmers in the next 5 days!!


  4. How can you get so excited about the oven working again? I would be devestated!The mince pies do look lovely though.
    Maria's hearts are gorgeous.
    The paper tree looks fun.
    I hope you had a good night's sleep.

  5. So much loveliness here. You must feel triumphant (or perhaps doomed) that the oven is sorted again. Had my first home-made mince pie today. A good moment.

    Love the foldy tree (complete with golden spray) and those hearts from Maria are gorgeous.

    Blogging as a displacement activity? Never heard of it (he he - happens most evenings in this house!) Emma x

  6. I love your paper tree. What are wiggly bags? Am I the last to know? Happy baking. x

  7. Yay to the oven!

    But I think the prospect of a lovely new shop in Peterborough is positively dangerous - my brother lives there and what other excuse do I need to make the journey ?!

  8. I agree about tiredness! I'm exhausted and I just feel totally boxed in by all there is to do - every year I say I'm going to make it easier (bearing in mind that I don't have to do any of the Christmas catering as we go to my mum and dad's) but every year I feel like I am running full tilt until the final hurdle (where I inevitably fall!)

    Have a lovely sleep!

    Lucy x

  9. mmmmmm, mince pies , they look great and i just love them!!! i know what you mean about being tired - i feel shattered!!! hope you had a good nights sleep!


  10. Yay! A working oven so you can have Christmas!

    Ooh! Peterborough is do-able from here on the train and the shop's on a bus route! Where's my diary?

    I hope you've caught up on your sleep.

  11. The christmas decorations you recieved are so nice. I hope you are rested now, have a great christmas. x


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