Monday, 8 December 2008

And the Winner is...

Twenty names were written out on little pieces of paper...

They were folded up and put into my new Chistmas plate - which was bought for mince pies but as my oven is still not repaired* there haven't been any mince pies.

My very able helper then interrupted his ironing and picked out a name... which you may not be able to read...

But it says "Kitty No. 1 & No. 2" so a Chistmas parcel will be on it's way to Kitty Wrinkle and her two children. If you email me with your address Kitty, I'll get it on its way today.

Sorry the rest of you didn't win - would like to send you all a copy of The Wishing Eel - although you could all buy a copy!!!
This week I'm finishing off my current Opus module, finishing a Christmas present for a certain someone (Yes Jude... it is the book!), finishing a couple of commissions, writing my Christmas cards as well as all the usual teaching, cooking, cleaning etc so I may not be around much. See you at the end of the week for a progress report!
* The part arrived on Thursday and I have contacted a man who is coming to fix it after work one day this week... but won't say which day.... arrrrgh!


  1. That Kitty Wrinkle! I swear she pays someone in blogland to make sure her name gets pulled out of the hat!

    Congratulations to No.1 & No.2 on their new book (even if their mother is a dirty rotten cheater pants).

  2. Congratulations to Kitty and children.

  3. Oh hooray and hurrah! I am breaking my blogging holiday to come in and grin like a grinning thing. See ... -> :-D <- ... big grin.

    Isn't it sad to see someone of Trashy's stature behaving so childishly? It's a good job I'm not as childish as her (even if she is a big stinky poo pants).

    Thanks Gina! We are going to love the book.


  4. Congratulations Big-Little-Wrinkles!

    Lucy xxx

  5. Congratulations Kitty No 1 and No 2and well done Kitty for winning :o)

  6. That's the second time I've seen Kitty win today! I want her to choose my lottery numbers next time ...

  7. Your young people have been so busy Gina and have made some wonderful things. I loved the quote form the teacher and it brought back many happy memories of the many years when I taught young children.

  8. Oooh congratulations to Kitty & co!! She deserves a treat after all the sickiness in their house.

    That Trashy could be considered by some to be a sore loser ;-)


  9. oooh Kitty is a lucky devil - or else she has been manipulating the planetary alignments with her astrological doings! She has won Indigo Blue's giveaway too!

  10. Trashy and Kitty seem to be having some kind of moment - step outside ladies - none of that kind of business on FFF!

    Well done Kitty!


  11. Congratulations Kitty!

    I've been meaning to tell you I saw the Wishing Eeel on my wanderings :o) I was so chuffed!!


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