Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The countdown has begun

and the advent calendar is up. Despite having four quite grown up children (I use the term loosely), one of whom doesn't even live at home anymore, it seems they are never too old for this annual ritual... in fact even Stewart asked did he get a chocolate too!

The garland is also up on the front door, courtesy of my very clever Mum, who always makes one for me. I have to say I love all this preparation and countdown to Christmas... probably more than the actual day itself!

There has been a fair bit of sewing going on too but nothing I can share here yet as most of it has been for Christmas presents... all will be revealed in due course. But I have started some new knitting as Michaela's St Dunstan's blanket has arrived here... which is a bit daunting looking at the fabulous standard of the knitting so far. Nothing quite so fancy coming from these hands I fear!

Tonight we're off to a book launch in Cambridge... remember the wishing eel? Well here he is in the window of the Cambridge University Press bookshop in Trinity Street. Not the most inspiring window display but I was still excited to see my eel in the window! The book would make a fabulous little stocking filler for younger children (under about 8?) - lovely story and beautiful illustrations all for only £4.99.


  1. Have fun at the book launch Gina!

    When did chocolates in Advent calendars come in? - I definitely missed out there! Is your calendar full of home-made truffles?


  2. Oooh a book launch? How grown up is that? Hope you have a really lovely time.

    We have a felt advent calendar up - no chocolates in it, we just move the diddy snowman along one day at a time. We all have chocolate advent calendars too - even me. Well actually I have two since Milky Bar ones were on a BOGOF at Tescos!


  3. Congratulations, enjoy the book launch.
    Are all those sacks full of chocolates????
    Wish I lived at your house...........

  4. How exciting, enjoy the book launch. And it is a nice looking window.

  5. Remember to give the eel a glass of wine at the book launch - it might cheer him up a bit! It is lovely having children still at home at Christmas and makes it all worthwhile. There will just be me and my husband this year and it will seem very strange. We are both a bit 'bah humbug' about Christmas but I shall enjoy putting the tree up and doing the other decorations. Our offspring and their offspring are all coming to us for an American Supper on Boxing Night - now that's what I call a good idea! I am instructed to get in a load of paper plates and open up the table - nothing else at all. Can't wait!! Your door wreath looks lovely and the Advent Calendar is one of the best I have seen.

  6. I really hope you enjoy the book launch! Your eel is fab! Do you think 9 advent calendars is pushing it a bit far????

    Lucy x

  7. Hope you have a great book launch, Gina. Your Wishing Eel looks great in the window! Have fun!

  8. I hope you and your lovely eel have a fab time at the book launch :-)

    Monster has ordered me to make him his very own 'Lego man' advent calendar for next year....think I may have to start that one on January 1st!!!


  9. We're heading into Cambridge tomorrow if the smalls are well (lots of cold action here) - so we shall look out for the eel!

  10. You're scaring me! I have made up my mind that I won't be doing anything for christmas until after the carft fair which is 13th and 14th. AARGH! Doesn't give me much time does it? Oh well. I never decorate the house until the last sunday in advent anyway.

  11. Those tyvek seed pods are incredible Gina!
    Hope you have a lovely time at the book launch - I smile everytime I see your eel :)


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