Friday, 12 December 2008

A productive week

A few things finished, and some more things started... not all of which I can show you but progress indeed! The first thing was a challenge that started in August to make a Klimt inspired cover for a blank book... just a little glimpse of the finished item which is on it's way to Jude. I would like to point out that the making of this book involved great sacrifice on my part as I had to consume several boxes of Ferraro Rocher chocolates for the wrappers. Well you can't make something inspired by Klimt without a bit of gold!

I've also finished off another commission... a doll which again I can't actually show you yet for a couple of weeks. This one really was a challenge!

There has also been a little bit of this...

and a few more of these.

And I've even managed to make a start on these...

Not a lot finished on the degree work though... maybe next week! There was also an exciting bloggy meeting today with alchelmy and fire (and some darned good lunch!) but you'll have to wait until another time for that!


  1. A ferrero rocher smelling parcel arrived today with your name an address on the back; I'm devastated you ate the chocolates.

    I have posted yours today. It did not involve Ferrero Rocher wrappers but that has reminded me of the chocolate orange in the cupboard. Must go.

  2. oh dear! you poor thing being hijacked by those cruel chocolates!! I absolutely love your teacosies!! xx

  3. I always said you were heroic! All those chocolates! Well done you :o) Lots of lovliness today.

  4. That Klimt-inspired work looks stunning - lovely swirls like the ones in the Tree of Life - gorgeous. Such a shame you had to nosh choccies to make it!! He he.

    I'm intrigued to see what photos you might post about yesterday - the results were interesting to say the least weren't they? Lovely to see you as ever xx

  5. The things we put ourselves throughfor the good of our craft (shakes head) You are a brave women Gina!!

  6. You know, if you ever need any help with the Ferrero Rochers, I'm not far away ...

    I hope you had your camera on at the critical moment yeasterday when I destroyed all our hard work ... still feeling bad about that :-(

  7. There's some interesting things been made in your house, can't wait to see the full pictures!

  8. Hi Gina,
    I like the glimps of your Klimt embroidery,exciting!

  9. I love the glimpse of the Klimt inspired book cover for Jude (such a fan of all things Klimt ).
    Cant wait to see the whole thing at a later date.
    You poor thing having to eat all of those Ferrer Rocher's...the things we do in the name of art!


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