Saturday, 6 December 2008

Busy Work!

I've had a lovely day with the nine girls and two boys who came to Young Embroiderers today and in the words of my sons' reception class teacher... "They did lots of very busy work"! So I thought I'd share it with you.

There were lots of dolly peg angels finished, dressed up in all sorts of finery! I love the expressions on some of their faces.

Nikki and Matthew finished their coasters...

and so did Cathleen and Quentin.

There were Christmas cards made

and even some wrapping paper.

And Molly (who is only 8) decided she would like to make a snowman... and so she did! All her own design and rather super!

I leave you with a rather splendid example of an embroidered sampler. You may recall last time we met we made crazy crows. One of my helpers, Mary, took the idea and came up with her own fabulous version covered with beautiful embroidery stitches. He looks more regal than crazy!


  1. What fab creations. They are obviously all a very talented lot.

    The crow as you say is very regal and very striking.

    No one will need any extra christmas decorations this year with all those angels. I have today bought some more ribbon to make a few more with Emma.

    Ally x

  2. What a handsome crow - I shall have to try and make one for my daughter as she's mad about crows. You must be a very good teacher and inspired your class of Young Embroiderers - everything they made was excellent and I specially liked the snowman. Well done all round.

  3. What fabulous work by everyone!

    And how totally WEIRD to come to comment and find that BIG sis has got here first!!!!

    Lucy x

  4. Gosh, they;re really clever! How old so they have to be to join Young Embroiderers? Mine are too little and easily distracted, but I think there might be some bigger girls at school who would enjoy this!

  5. Busy work indeed. Isn't it a shame that nowadays we can't put pictures of children on the internet? It would be lovely to see them working. Good work yourself.

  6. Don't forget to put photo's up on the board, everyone just loved the crazy crows. What a great time you all are having.

  7. Wow! I'm very impressed by those young people's crafty doings. Are you sure you didn't rip them out of their young hands and say "just let me do it!" ala French and Saunders?? (And me!)


  8. Such talented youngsters. The snowman is so cute.
    I love the crow it reminds me of Aesop's Fables - the crow with the pitcher of water.

  9. Wonderful work by everyone. Looks like they all enjoyed the day.
    I love that crow, very very regal.

  10. What fabulous work ... the crow is great and I do love peg dolls.

  11. Wow aren't the peg angels joyous! All of the work is beautiful and what a wonderful idea for the scrappy crow - he does look very regal!

  12. What lovely work! Well done everyone!

  13. The peg dolls are lovely Gina and I am sure you are a wonderful teacher too.

    Dot xx

  14. What an array of wonderful things! I love the crazy crow - what a great idea for a sampler.
    And the Dolly Peg Angels remind me of something I saw at the weekend... the foyer and bar of a swanky hotel in Southport full of ladies dressed up to the nines!!!!

    Celia :)

  15. The Children must have been so excited with their creations.
    So lovely to see.x

  16. In the words of Brucie 'Didn't they do well?!!'

    I love the faces on their little angels :-)


  17. ooh lovely .. is that a Christmas Crazy Crow? I love the idea of black crows at this time of year .. but then I am a bit strange at times! x

  18. Let me get this right. You did this with reception age children? I must have that wrong, 4 year olds? If so, please come to our school and work some magic! I love the wrapping paper and will definitely be pinching that idea!


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