Friday, 3 June 2016

Five on Friday... or Four cakes and one dog!

I had forgotten how busy life can be with a new puppy... And what a challenge it is trying to run a business baking cakes at the same time! I just get started in the kitchen, wash down the surfaces, wash hands, don apron... and then the puppy needs to go out. Remove apron, see to puppy, come back, wash hands again, put apron back on, oops, now time to feed puppy, remove apron etc... you get the idea. My hands have never been so sore from washing! But there have still been cakes - it just all takes a lot longer, especially as I am still not very mobile. So I might just manage to post this on Friday... if Hector stays asleep!

1. A Wedding Cake

As a rule I won't usually do wedding cakes because I don't really feel I have the necessary skills... and I have a friend in the village who has a business just doing stunning wedding cakes. But this was for another friend who just wanted something informal and I felt I could cope with that. Should I admit that the decoration was entirely influenced by where there were little cracks in the icing... no, probably not!

2. An 18th Birthday

I do get some interesting briefs when people come to me for cakes... I've got one coming up later this month that is going to be a real challenge, but mostly they are fun. This one was for an 18th birthday cake for a young lady mad about ponies. It had to be pretty but definitely not pink, preferably funky colours. Her grandmother later told me she was so thrilled she almost put her glass down!

3. Butterflies and Bees.

This was very straightforward... I was asked for a square sponge, with white icing, pink and yellow flowers with butterflies and bees and "Happy Birthday Esther". I'm hoping this will make a little four year old happy tomorrow.

4. A 140th birthday!

Well obviously not one person who will be 140... but three people so three cakes. A father who is 70 and his two daughters who are 40 and 30 the same year. I pretty much had free reign on this one so opted to make three separate cakes that reflected their different interests. An engine for Michael who is keen on trains..

pulling a carriage to reflect Kirsty's interest in surfing...

and finally a camera carriage for Ashlie. Their party is on Saturday so I hope they are pleased (I am assuming they won't be reading this but their Mum might!)

Not easy to get a decent picture of all three together.

5. The Puppy

Just because I needed to make it up to five... this is what the puppy does when I am baking. He's not always very impressed at being confined to his end of the room!

Joining in with Amy for Five on Friday


  1. I love the 140 th birthday cake. What a clever idea. Looks like your puppy will be a handful although great fun at the same time. Enjoy! B x

  2. Pretty impressive cakes! I have NO idea why you would think your skills are not up to wedding cakes.

  3. IMPRESSIVE, they really are amazing cakes! Loved the puppy too...

  4. Wonderful cakes - I am certain that all recipients will be delighted with them. The details of the train one are amazing.
    Hector looks as if he can't quite make out why it is all taking so long!

  5. I am super impressed with your cake skills. You must be in such demand. Yes I do believe a puppy is hard work but totally worth it. Enjoy

  6. Wow -- beautiful cakes Gina! I can't imagine a wedding cake would be any harder than all these other cakes you've done! Maybe Hector would be happy is you'd toss him a bit of icing now and then LOL!

  7. Amazing cakes Gina. They are all wonderful but I particularly love the bees. Hector looks very soulful behind his gate!

  8. Your Birthday cakes are so much fun Gina! The puppy is adorable. I am glad ours is now a teenager, less chewing. Have a lovely weekend. x

  9. Oh my, oh my! Those cakes are magnificent creations.

  10. The cakes are all wonderful and I am sure that they taste even more delicious than they look! Your customers must be very happy!! Poor Hector being shut away, it has to be done though doesn't it! Thank you for your support of Five On Friday, I so appreciate it!!! Have a great weekend! xx

  11. So fantastic, I love all the little details on the cakes and all the colours. :-)

  12. What a brilliant idea the 140th cake was...very clever. All your cakes are wonderful Gina and Hector is adorable!
    V x

  13. Your cakes are fab! Can't wait to see the sugarpaste version of Hector (you know you want to!).

  14. Gina, your baking portfolio becomes more and more impressive! I know that these cakes are delicious, but the imaginative visuals also set them apart. I feel as if you soon might need to train an apprentice.

    Hector remains as adorable as ever. Perhaps you've already got a Hector-inspired cake on the drawing board?

    Happy weekend to you and yours. xo

  15. Beautiful cakes! I'm sure all the recipients are/will be thrilled. A new puppy sounds a bit like a new baby!

  16. Gina, I've been reading, reading, reading back through all the posts I have missed (hadn't been on the computer much in May). I'm so pleased to hear that the somewhat forced new career direction is something that you are looking forward to! I have loved seeing your stitching works of art over the last few years, but change is always good, and you seem to be loving the baking. Hector is just adorable, and I wonder you get any work done at all! Love all the cakes you have created lately ... you are a wizard with the decorating! Enjoy your day :)

  17. He looks adorable but an added challenge whilst you're baking to order, still, as ever you sound like you're thriving on it all!


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