Saturday, 25 June 2016

A Flower Brooch Tutorial... Again

Many thanks to those of you who kindly said you would like to see a tutorial for the flower brooches... and even more thanks to Diana who tactfully pointed out that yes, I had indeed already done this a couple of years ago! I had a sneaky feeling that I'd already done it before. But more thanks again go to Diana who also suggested I just repost but with some updates... so that is what I have done!

So first of all you need to select your fabrics - you can use the same fabric for all five petals, choose five completely different fabrics... or like me choose five different but toning fabrics. What is important is that they are thin fabrics... too thick and your flower will be too bulky. Patchwork fabrics work well.

You will need to cut 5 circles of fabric, approximately 8 - 9 cm  in diameter. I found that the lid from a large Golden Syrup tin to be the perfect size template!

Thread your needle with a strong thread and make a knot at the end of your thread. Taking your first circle, fold it in half.

Fold it in half again making a quarter circle.

Now stitch along the circular raw edge with small running stitches, making sure you are stitching through all four layers of fabric.

It should look something like this...

Fold your second circle of fabric into quarters and without knotting or cutting off your thread stitch along the curved raw edge of your second circle with small running stitches.

Repeat for all five fabric circles. They should look like a mini string of bunting when you've finished.

Now, gently but firmly gather up your thread. You want to gather as tightly as possible without snapping your thread (this is why you use strong thread)

When you have gathered it up as tightly as you possibly can, tie a knot at the end to stop the gathers coming undone...

and then working from the back, join the first and last petals with a couple of over stitches.

You have now finished your first round of petals!

Using a smaller template of approx. 6-7 cm... I used the lid from a small tin of Golden Syrup... cut another five circles of fabric

Repeat the method and make another circle of fabric petals. By now you will realise that by selective folding you can position designs/colors/patterns on your petals.

Next you will need a pretty button, large enough to cover the raw edges and gathering stitches of your smaller circle.

I did originally try stitching the button onto the small fabric circle but it is really difficult to keep the button firmly in place so that it covers all the raw edges. So my advice is to use a hot glue gun to firmly position your button in the centre of your small circle of petals.

Using the glue gun again, spread some glue onto the back of the small circle of petals and position it centrally onto the larger circle.

You should now have something that looks like this....

Next you need a circle of felt, about 4 cm diameter, a circle of firm card (card from cereal packets is the perfect weight), about 3.5 cm diameter and a brooch back.

With a matching thread start to stitch the felt circle onto the back of your flower brooch, using small slip stitches. About half way around, slip the card circle in place behind the felt circle.

Carry on slip stitching around the felt circle securing it firmly in place

Then stitch the brooch back into place onto the felt backing.

And with a bit of luck your flower brooch is ready to wear... pin it on your jacket, your hat, your bag... or spread the love and give it to your friend!

Me... I'm just filling up my case with more to sell at Open Studio weekends (which are now only two weeks away!)

But as you have so patiently read through this ressurected two year old post... I'm also going to spread a little love and give one of these brooches away. Just leave me a comment by Saturday evening next week (2nd July) and tell me your favourite colour. I will then pick a winner at random and make a brooch specially for you.

And talking of comments... where I can, I have always replied directly to comments by email as it has always felt more personal and I will continue to do this. But many people these days seem to leave "no-reply" comments and so I have also enabled replies directly in the comment box so I can reply to you too!.


  1. Love these, I know I made some before but would love one made by you, yellow, it's winter here and I need something bright and cheerful, please, pretty please.

  2. How clever! Love the brooches and they way you present them xxx

  3. They're gorgeous Gina and look lovely altogether in the suitcase! (That's definitely an IG pic) :)
    V x
    P.S. If I happen to be lucky

  4. Gina, with these clear directions, I predict lots of flowers will soon be blooming! Since I am already the proud owner of one of your beautifully made brooches, I will encourage lots of other folks to enter into the generous drawing you are offering.

    Good luck to all participants! xo

  5. Love making these, Gina, but have never done two layers before. Thanks for the tip about using hte glue gun-I alwas end up wishing I had 3 hands when trying to do the button part! Lovelyfabrics too. Catriona

  6. I remembered, because I so enjoy your textile art.
    Hope life is being kind to you.

  7. Love the brooches, I remember your first post about them. What a c lever way to display them. I am sure you do not really want to post a brooch to Australia so leave me out of the dray. Cheers

  8. My favourite colour is purple. I'd love to have a go at making these but I have so many other projects on the go at the moment that they'll have to join the queue! What a lovely way to display them for sale. Jackie

  9. They look so pretty and cheerful displayed in the case. I have always felt guilty about using the glue gun but can now think if Gina uses it, that's okay!

  10. Great tutorial and recap! I stumbled across a couple of my own brooches that I made to a similar method recently. They are pretty aren't they.

  11. That's a lot of Golden Syrup tins in your house! Nice to be reminded of this brooch although I recall making one before and making a mess of it so perhaps I'd better not give it another go. I'll let the expert do it.

  12. These are so pretty and I'll bet they're fun to make too. Thanks for re-posting -- it's a good reminder of a great project when a little gift is needed!

  13. Your instructions are so clear, Gina! Even just the pictures tell the story! I may do a few of these whilst on holiday, as they're so small. (have you thought about doing instruction sheets for flatpack furniture?!!) xCathy

  14. Thank you for the tutorial 😊 I like red and turquoise best, if I'm not the lucky winner I'll be giving the tutorial a try! X

  15. That must have taken a long time to make.Lots of nice colours. All shades of BLUE is the colour I like the most, so now you know, if I should be the lucky winner.

  16. What a great tutorial, very clear instructions. So beautifully effective, I really like these little brooches! X


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