Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Out of Kilter

Last weekend I was away teaching at Missenden Abbey for what was my last ever City And Guilds weekend. I will be back for summer school in August with my Stitched Graffiti (only a couple of places left... But you can book here) and there is a possibility I'll be back there for future weekends but not with Bucks CC and not teaching C & G. So it feels like the end of an era.

Of my eleven students, ten achieved their C & G certificate... The eleventh didn't merely due to the time constraints of a full time job and young family. She just hasn't finished yet.

But every single one of them produced beautiful work of which they should be very proud. They certainly made me proud of their achievements.

I'd like to say this picture heavy post represents work from each of them, but unfortunately it's more a showcase of my better photographs.

But they are a good representation of the standard of work overall.

Beautiful finished items, beautiful samples and some fabulous design work

So well done Penny, Elza, Judy, Judith, Christine, Chris, Helen, Diane, Roz, Shirley and Claire! You are all stars!

Since coming home it has felt like a funny old week so far and I don't seem able to settle to anything... a bit of this and a bit of that but nothing actually useful.

It is a week of family birthdays so there has been plenty of cake. But I'll share that with you another time...

And I've started to think about Open Studios. But haven't really got beyond the thinking stage... it just makes me want to curl up and hide!

There has been a visit to the vet for Hector for final injections, which has meant some short walks around the village and a visit to the physiotherapist for me about my ankle. Apparently I'm making good progress although it still feels frustratingly slow. But apart from that I've dithered with this and dallied with that and haven't really settled to anything at all. And I hate feeling like this!

Perhaps next week will feel better. Meanwhile this little chap is keeping me busy as he is in to everything and I need eyes in the back of my head. Now isn't this a guilty look if ever there was one... He'd been digging up my vegetable beds, naughty boy! He was also very sick last night (probably something disgusting he ate in the garden) which did worry us... but today he is back to his usual mischief with a very healthy appetite!

I'll be back soon with cake and hopefully feeling more upbeat.


  1. So much talent! You are a gifted teacher, that's for sure. I do hope that the rest of the week is a bit easier and less frustrating for you. I am sending a bucketful of positive energy through cyberspace. Hector looks like a naughty puppy, very cute. x

  2. I think you are bound to feel that way, after all, it is the end of an era for you. You will get back into a routine with the cakes, I would imagine and that will settle you.

    Your students are a credit to you!

  3. Such a shame that it has come to an end after so many great things, for you and for the students too. I am sure that whatever comes your way you will make the very best of it and I hope that you enjoy it too!

  4. that drystone wall with lichen is amazing. I'd like to stroke the mossy green stones!

  5. Love your students work. Getting to the end of something always feels a bit unsettling. Oh and I do love Hector.

  6. What a lot of excellent ideas and beautiful work. I expect your students will also feel a little uncertain now they've completed their course. x

  7. Hopefully you'll better soon Gina but in the meantime be very proud of your class...excellent work.
    And that face!!!! Adorable. :)
    V x

  8. All your students' work has been beautifully designed and done. A satisfying achievement for them and for you. Enjoy your time with Hector. He looks adorable in your photo. Even if he gets up to mischief from time to-time as puppies all do he's obviously much loved.

  9. What beautiful pieces of work your students have produced - no wonder you are proud of them. I suspect you are suffering from 'the end of an ear' syndrome and will soon find something else to set you off on a new path.
    Hope Hector has been suitable contrite after his bad behaviour in the vegetable patch! It must be impossible to be cross with him for very long.
    Hope the ankle gets stronger and I wonder if the wet weather has an effect on it. Sounds daft perhaps, but atmospheric conditions can effect joints, especially damaged ones.

  10. All the work is stunning Gina, a tribute to your students talents and your teaching skills. I hope you feel less restless soon - plenty of cake should help.......

  11. Hahaha -- what adorable shots of Hector -- he's definitely looking guilty, naughty boy! Sorry about your unsettled feelings -- hopefully thing will settle down a bit as summer settles in. Your student's work is beautiful -- you should definitely be proud!

  12. Dear Gina, it's grand to see what beautiful work your talented students created. Surely, you have taught and inspired them very well. I love the variety of the work!

    Not a thing wrong with dithering every now and then. It seems a very natural form of behavior, particularly as you conclude your regular MA teaching.

    I'm glad to hear that your doctor is finding your ankle is coming along well.

    The look on Hector's face is priceless, and reminds me of many pup faces I've seen close up, after Something Happened.

    Lots of love to you and yours, even naughty Hector! xo

  13. What beautiful work, you must be proud of them all. Don't you think that when you have been very busy and out of routine, returning home can leave you with that out of kilter feeling. I often get it after holidays. Plus all change with the C and G course so that is causing uncertainty. Hope that puppy of yours behaves ;) B xx

  14. My heart goes out to the only lady who didn't have the time to complete the course. I know how time consuming they are and full time jobs don't make it easy but the others have done themselves proud. Well done to all of them. I can understand completely why you now feel out of kilter. When you do something so intensely for such a long time you feel bereft when it is over and very lost. You need another challenge and perhaps not a cake related or machine embroidery one, after all , you have mastered those!

  15. How could anyone resist those eyes, even when they had done something naughty?

    Beautiful work from your students.

  16. I'm not surprised you felt unsettled, you'll miss Missenden but there will e new projects ahead. And Hector is there as a distraction - I'd just enjoy being with him. As for Open Studios, just let visitors play with Hector - it'll be fine!

  17. Superb work there Gina - you must have worked just as hard as your students, so bravo for finishing another C&G! And I note that you've had that chat with Will...having just had same, I was wondering if you had. As for Hector, I don't think I've seen a more guilty-looking puppy...!

  18. Those examples of your students' work are wonderful. Well done them. And you! (Hopefully you're feeling on more of an even keel). Oh, Hector........


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