Monday, 16 May 2016

Cambridge Eat Up pot luck lunch

Several years ago I worked with a young photographer, Karen, on an arts project in a school in the Fens.   We got on well and enjoyed working together but didn't really stay in touch other than an occasional email. Then last year Karen got back in touch and invited me to join an on line group of food writers, food bloggers, photographers, cooks and people who just love to eat, all based in the Cambridge area, called "Cambridge Eat Up". Aside from Karen I knew no one else, then at Christmas I joined some members for a  meal and  then last weekend I attended a pot luck lunch hosted by member Pina as part of the Eat Cambridge festival.

My contribution was a rhubarb and amaretti cake doused in an orange and rosemary syrup... if you want the recipe it is in this month's Delicious magazine.

And this is the wonderful array of food brought along by other members of the group

The table was absolutely laden with all sorts of deliciousness, sweet and savoury.

I'm bound to leave someone out if I try to mention everyone but some highlights were fabulous breads from Helen of the White Cottage Bakery, wonderfully light piragi from Alison (little filled and baked Latvian rolls), the most amazing custard tarts from Karen...

And the thing everyone raved about - these gorgeous little pandan and black sesame Hokkaido cupcakes from Jin... so incredibly light and with a gorgeous subtle flavour.... sublime!

There were also filled pastries, quiches, meatballs, falafels, amazing salads, cakes, biscuits and tarts and as you can see we were all tucking in with enthusiasm!

This is such a lovely group of people brought together by a common passion and I feel very privileged to be part of it all. Huge thanks should go to Pina and her husband Paulo who generously opened their home and were amazing hosts.

And as if that wasn't enough we all came home with fabulous goody bags... well more like over filled shopping bags there was so much wonderful stuff. So far I have sampled more Piragi (delicious), an excellent red onion marmalade from Hibiscus Lily, tasty little orange biscuits from Olive Branch and some rather moreish chocolate covered almonds from Dulcedo. And Stewart had an excellent pork pie from Romano's kitchen... and there is still loads more left to try!


  1. I am hungry just looking at the photos! I have a soft spot for bread of all sorts, and those leave shaped breads would be at the top of my to eat list. Looking at my lunch box longingly (8:40 in the morning). x

  2. It all looks fantastic - do you think they would like to do the catering for the EG supper party???
    I doubt I'll be asking you for the recipe for 'pandan and black sesame Hokkaido cupcakes' though - I don't even know what it means.

  3. That group might have been formed especially for you to become a part of it - it sounds wonderful. The spread you all put on looks delicious. I hope you each had a very large plate!

  4. What a gathering of like minded folks with lots of culinary talent to share!

    All those pictures really give an idea of the treats that were contributed to the get together...all look delicious. It's grand that there is such a variety on this tasting menu. Having a lot of folks in the group means that no one needs to bring too much...and there will still be an abundance of delights.

    I imagine that the conversation was also pretty fabulous.


  5. What a fabulous gathering and what delicious things to eat! The bread looks incredible!


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