Sunday, 17 January 2016

My Last Rolo...

Although we didn't really exchange many Christmas presents this year I did have a couple of new cookbooks on my wish list... well, cake books to be specific. And as Santa didn't manage to get them all for me I treated myself to this...

Cakeology by Juliet Sear is a project based book which wouldn't normally be my first choice, but it also has excellent basic recipes for cakes and frostings, instructions on numerous techniques and really useful information on doubling up recipes and different tin sizes etc.

The "Love Heart" cookies that I made last week were adapted from an idea in the book and the basic vanilla cookie dough is one of the best I've tasted. After all, it is no good making cakes and biscuits that look pretty if the taste doesn't match up to expectations.

So when in my latest "Apricot & Fig" newsletter, I offered a Chocolate Brownie Rolo cake as one of my Valentine selections I wanted to make sure it was the best possible tasting Brownie cake ever. I made one of these a few years ago when I tested a recipe for "Baking Mad". It tasted good but the Rolos all sank to the bottom of the cake creating a gooey caramel layer which wasn't really the desired effect. I was pretty sure I could get round the problem by having a firmer basic mixture but didn't want to sacrifice that soft, almost undercooked texture of a good brownie.

So yesterday I tried the Belgian Chocolate Brownie Torte cake recipe from Cakeology with a packet of Rolos scattered on the top. And bingo... all the Rolos stayed scattered more or less where they were put...

Not only that, it slices beautifully, has a wonderful texture... and tastes fantastic with the occasional hit of a chewy caramel Rolo. Would I give someone my last Rolo... probably, but I wouldn't give them my last slice of this cake. In fact I'm reluctant to share any of it!

There will be more cakes later this week should you care to come back this way again!


  1. Cakeology sounds like a very useful book for a cake maker and the results are mouth watering. I spend quite a lot of time trying not to think about cake and your blog, although always interesting, is not at all helpful! I'm a masochist so will still keep reading it.

  2. I SO wish I had a Valentine to buy that cake for - but only if he was prepared to share it, obviously.
    It looks fabulous xx

  3. It looks amazing Gina!
    I'm not terribly good at sharing my chocolate so I probably wouldn't give anyone my last Rolo....sorry! ;)
    V x

  4. Your cake looks lucious. I am a sucker for Rolos so would be very happy to have a slice of the cake.

  5. It sounds like the book - and your others - are proving to give you great inspiration for your wonderful baking! This cake looks incredible!!! xx

  6. Ohhh Gina, how could you cut into that cake, it looks far too good to eat! (Might have to nibble round the edge though).

  7. Cakeology does sound like a valuable resource book...but Gina, that chocolate Rolo cake looks Amazing! I think that you might wish to corner a certain part of the Rolo supply chain in order to make enough of these delicious cakes to supply the demand that is bound to appear.

    (Interestingly, I've learned that a local friend of mine, who's an excellent baker with a varied and successful career chronology in other areas, is preparing to begin a baking company. I wish her success, and wish you continued success in this new year!)


  8. Sounds -and looks, wonderful, Gina. You've got me wanting to pop out to buy Rolos! Used to have a recipe for a Mars bar cake but it got lost somewhere along the way.

  9. Oh wow it looks like a really good book, I hope you have lots of fun with it x

  10. oh Lord... I so don't need another book... or another cake!!


  11. Ooooh, Yum! That cake looks delicious -- I LOVE rolos! That will be a perfect cake for Valentine's Day!

  12. I love my darling Valentine.... but I love chocolate too... so would I share this gorgeous sounding cake with him ? By the sounds of it the answer would be maybe.... but probably not!! Sounds divine and makes me want to break the new year diet right here and now. I think this one has the hallmarks of a signature bake for you Gina. Have another slice for me by proxy and then e mail to tell me how much I enjoyed it would you? That way I'll feel full up but without the calorie intake!


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