Thursday, 9 October 2014

Chasing my Tail

As always, as we enter autumn there are suddenly not enough hours in the day and I find myself chasing my tail, constantly playing catch up.
My weekly machine embroidery classes are now well under way for this term, and despite the fact that I've planned all activities for the whole ten weeks I still found myself making these little samples on Monday... for our class on Tuesday.

And have I made next week's sample yet... don't be silly... that's next Monday's job!
Yesterday I was in London all day for the opening of the Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra Palace. This is the first time I've been there as an exhibitor but before I did my stewarding stint I had time for some browsing. There was a little bit of shopping too...

I've stocked up on sock yarn for some planned presents and I couldn't resist this little Mahliqa brooch kit

Which knitted up in a couple of hours whilst I watched telly last night.
There were also many lovely things to look at in the various exhibitions but I find I no longer have the desire to take photographs or make endless notes so I can't tell you much of what I saw. I just enjoyed looking and absorbing. I did spend some time talking to a lovely lady called Catherina von Isenberg whose whimsical dreamlike work really appealed to me.

And then of course, I spent time stewarding the Prism exhibition Coded:Decoded. I was really pleased with the way the dolls were displayed and received some positive feedback which was nice. And also very nice is that one of them has sold!

And just by chance, the Missenden Abbey stand has both my pieces from the first part of the Coded:Decoded exhibiton on display too.

And today, I'm trying to catch up with various chores because tomorrow I'm actually off to Missenden Abbey teaching for the weekend... the first of two consecutive weekends
In the middle of all this I gave a talk to a quilting group on Tuesday evening who had requested something new, as a couple of their members had already heard my usual talk. I loosely based it on the idea that I have more hours in the day than everyone else... inspired by those of you who often comment saying exactly that! Of course I told them it was an illusion (which it is!) but I do have certain tricks like writing endless "to do" lists, getting up early, having a husband who does his own ironing and multi-tasking... like knitting whilst I watch telly or in fact composing a brand new talk whilst driving to the gym that morning... and they thought I was joking!
Talking of which... "Write blog post" can now be crossed off my list for today which means I can no longer put off the next item... "clean bathroom". See you soon when I next come up for air!


  1. I'm really looking forward to seeing your work at the Ally Pally this week. Multi tasking - I can identify with that, I plan lots of things whilst driving and never just sit, I have to sit and do something :-)

  2. Phew!!! It all sounds like fun though....except for cleaning the bathroom that is! ;)
    V x

  3. I love those machine embroidery samples - so pretty - and I admire your skill with those wonderful faces. I find them so difficult. It certainly is a busy time for you but on top of everything else you'll have a clean bathroom!

  4. I have to say I do think you are Wonder Woman! Not only are you prolific at stitching, teaching and baking. Now I wonder when you have time to read. I have just compiled a table of projects to work on and hopefully complete between now and Dec 2015.

  5. Your work looked brilliant, and well done on making a sale. I didn't realise you were there yesterday - I was too!

  6. I hope Ally Pally wasn't as manic this year as it has been previously. Congratulations on your sale and I hope you get some more beofre the show ends. x

  7. Glad that you enjoyed the show! With all your work on display, you should be reassured that that group that didn't want you a while back really didn't know what they were missing! You are great. xx

  8. As you say yourself, frighteningly similar. Class prep stitched the day before (or the same morning), fewer photos at K&S every year, endless to do lists, no ironing for others, generally a shortage of daylight hours...but I can't knit to save my life! Clocked the work at the Mussenden stand - nice.

  9. Oh! I saw your work in both places but didn't realise you were there. I don't usually buy books of exhibitions, but I bought the Prism one.
    Your colleagues, Ali Brown and Anita Bruce were very encouraging.

  10. Sounds like K&S was good. Weather permitting I intend to catch up with it at Harrogate this year. I use 'to do' lists as well, just wish that I could get everything crossed off them!


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