Wednesday, 22 October 2014

A Midweek Miscellany

 Sarah's blog post today was titled "Midweek miscellany" and it seemed the perfect title for the random stuff happening round here this week.
When our dog died a couple of years ago, I needed something to replace my twice daily walks. Getting another dog was not practical (although I would love another one) so instead, I joined our local health spa/gym, where not only can I take any of the classes on offer - I do Pilates a couple of times a week, but I can also swim in a fabulous 25m pool that is always virtually empty. Those of us who swim regularly complain that it's busy when there are more than five people swimming... and then after we can use the sauna or steam room and shower with all towels and toiletries provided... not bad for less that £10 a week! But I digress...
The purpose of telling you this is that about a month ago I noticed a heavily laden "pear" tree in the grounds. I was tempted to help myself but thought better of it, so when after my swim on Monday morning I bumped into the gardener and asked him were they pears or quinces I was delighted when he told me they were quinces and I could help myself! Unfortunately there weren't many fruit left that were still good and these three were all I came away with... not enough to make quince jelly like Christina,  as I'd hoped.

So I improvised and made a quince, apple and blueberry crumble cake. (Nigel Slater's Gooseberry crumble cake without the gooseberries)
Rather good with cream or warm with ice cream... although I'm not entirely sure I can taste the quince!
Yesterday I taught my last class for a couple of weeks which means I've got some time to catch up with some of my own work. Today I got started on a very long overdue commission.

And I also delivered another one... made for a very special little boy who is football crazy! Not at all my usual subject matter but I really loved making this.

I've also found time to make some more of these flower brooches for another project I'm hoping to finish in the next couple of weeks. It's amazing how much I can get done when I'm not preparing for classes.

I've also got another weekend away coming up... but no teaching this time... more about that next week, when no doubt I'll be back with more miscellany!
I was writing this post whilst trying to watch the wonderful Grayson Perry on TV last night, that is mostly just writing when the adverts came on, so there is a good chance it is even more random and miscellaneous than I intended!


  1. All of those projects look fun and the dessert looks really yummy.

  2. Hope you enjoyed he programme, I thought it was excellent and am looking forward to next week.

    That swimming pool sounds lovely!

  3. I've often wondered about the flavour of quince, we saw lots of trees in France, I wonder if they make jelly with the fruit, or maybe tarts..
    I love your 2 commissions, especially the football one.

  4. I thought the Grayson Perry programme was excellent. I missed the beginning so will be watching it all again.

  5. Watching people making, on blogs & friend's children, has given me itchy fingers. Need to pick up crochet hook or even sketchbook. Recorded Grayson Perry. Can't wait to sit & watch tonight.

  6. I find my attacks on the garden are enough to keep me from seizing up, but your gym sounds very inviting.
    Love all the projects you have been busy with, especially those two commissions. Your clients will be delighted with them.

  7. This is the second time I've read about a crumble cake in blogland this week, they do look yummy!
    Love the seed heads and the football is great!
    V x

  8. Your cake looks very delicious (I've never tried quince). I've recorded the Grayson Perry programme, hopeful that the gorgeous Alan Measles makes an appearance.

  9. Ooh your crumble cake looks delicious and I love your seed head stitching! Xx

  10. I'm still jealous of that crumble cake...I'm going to have to bake one of my own, but we're still working our way through all the frozen marrow cakes! Your pool sounds like bliss...

  11. Several years ago my neighbour gave me some quinces from his tree and I made quince jelly. They turn a beautiful pink colour when cooked don't they. I love the poppy seed heads.

  12. I loved the Grayson Perry program and am looking forwards to next week's already. I've never used quinces, although my parents have loads and used to make quince cheese

  13. I enjoyed the random snippets you've shared. I've never tried quince, but the crumble looks yummy. I'm glad you showed the flower brooches again, as I wanted to make some. Now I don't have to search through your blog (bookmarked now!). Enjoy your weekend away! Wendy x

  14. What a fun to find fruit ready for the taking and the pool sounds lovely. I used to swim laps for exercise when I lived i nUniversity towns and could use their pools. I hope ot go back to it some day.


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