Thursday, 2 October 2014

Bags of Style

Do you remember the crazy collaged bags I was making earlier this year?

I made four in quick succession but then got distracted by other projects...

However, my students and ex-students have been busy making their own versions.

First of all Brenda sent me a photo of her fabulous blue bag, covered in wonderful flowers.

Then in my class this week, I noticed Linda was using her bag... I love the black and red combination but then I'm biased as these are the colours of the bag I use.

Jan has made this beautiful green bag...

And Ann has used the collaged fabric technique to make her own style bag using some old wooden handles. I love the richness of this fabric... it makes me think of Mary Poppins' carpet bag!

The pattern is still available in my etsy shop if you would like to make your own bag... and if you do, or already have made one... please send me a photo!


  1. All the bags are wonderful. I have several pairs of bag handles and lots of patchwork fabric bits. I really should make at least one. The trouble is that I already have a bag full of bags!

  2. They are fantastic, so great to see so many different takes on the same thing. A very creative group. xx

  3. Beautiful work - I love them all but somehow the Mary Poppins one stands out for me. Is there a coat stand inside? Your expression dolls are fantastic - what a brilliant idea! and your knitted cardi is so sweet, no wonder you're grinning! But those socks! Well deserved first place! I would frame them, not wear them! xCathy

  4. Ann's bag makes me think of a William Morris fabric! gorgeous!

  5. They make a great display. I bought some autumny shades to make a another one, may be next autumn!

  6. They are stunning Gina! I adore the blue one!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous bags - love them all!

  8. That is a splendid bunch of bags there. People will probably find it hard to resist not having all of those, if not at once. There's a fundamental appeal in those daily goods with eye-catching art, so yes, you'll probably have to anticipate their constant patronage, and get a really good bead on the sales. Good luck!

    Herman Thompson @ AccountAbility Plus


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