Friday, 5 September 2014

Five on Friday

A round up of my week using the ever so convenient Five on Friday format....
I made just one cake this week - a Dorset Apple cake using windfalls from my neighbours garden. It looks pretty squished and sunken in the middle but it tasted okay... honest!

I finished the two bunnies, using Julie's pattern. It's the first time I've made the little boy bunny and I just loved knitting that tiny jumper!

They have now been delivered to their new owners.

I read three books in August.I finished my year in books choice - The Death of Lucy Kyte by Nicola Upson and really enjoyed it. I'm not sure I like the writing style enough to read any more by this author but it was a gripping story and a good mix of fact with fiction. I also read How to Build Girl by Caitlin Moran. It wasn't exactly bad and was even amusing at times but overall a bit of a disappointment... actually quite a big bit of a disappointment. I like Moran's writing as a journalist but somehow it doesn't really translate into a full length novel for me. All a bit samey and a tad boring. But the final novel I read in August was Peter May's Extraordinary People which I thought was an excellent fast paced thriller... and which I couldn't put down, reading it in just three days!

My September choice for the Year in Books is The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt which I am really enjoying... I'm already half way through!
Joining in with The Year in Books with  Laura at A Circle of Pine Trees

Another joining in thing... this time with Laura Kemshall for a daily drawing each day in September... and I have done another four drawings. I liked Laura's drawing of keys so much that I thought I would try a key on 2nd Sept...

Then Laura suggested going larger so I tried it with a different key on 3rd, but I was starting to get bored and could see me giving up...

Then on 4th as I was taking the bin to the bottom of the garden I noticed all the wonderful flowers on the Ivy and drew those and I was much happier. I also made a note that these were spotted when taking the bins out and it occured to me that making it almost like a diary of what is going on each day will be far more interesting to me than drawing random shiny objects

So this morning I made a quick sketch of a pretty little ceramic jam pot that I bought years ago. I'm not sure I have ever used it for jam but at least it is a record of all the jam making going on here this week. And I'm really enjoying the daily drawing again.

Which brings me neatly on to number five...

Because whilst out walking yesterday I managed to pick another five pounds of various plums and damsons just from the hedgerows... which will mean an awful lot more jam. Guess what I'm doing this weekend!
Hoping you all have a lovely weekend.


  1. You've had such a productive week!

    Your little rabbits are gorgeous and have just reminded me I've promised to knit a pair for my cousin's daugher. I loved knitting the little boy's sweater too :)

    Your sketches are fabulous, love the diary idea and am absolutely green with envy over those plums and damsons!


  2. That cake looks delicious! While I'm twiddling my thumbs perhaps I could invent a gluten free version. Lovely drawings :)

  3. Goodness I wish I lived nearer to you to relieve you of some of that jam!! ;)
    I love your drawings !
    V x

  4. Wow, a busy week. I love the bunnies, they are cute. I might even be tempted to make one. Your drawing is exquisite, if you ever want to sell a few sketches, let me know! I thought I was the last one to read the Goldfinch :) but apparently not. I enjoyed the story very much but thought it could be shorter. Poor attention span I guess. I am just going over to Audible to see if they have the Peter May book to download. Have a great weekend. Cx

  5. A good week it seems!
    I often freeze plums (after cutting and taking the stone out) to use For crumble during the winter.
    Sandy in Bracknell

  6. Gorgeous drawings! Going to start this weekend as school has begun and my brain is full of mush with all of the info I have had thron at me these past two days.
    Sophie and I made our first apple cake using home grown apples and we were surprised at how good it was. Making another this weekend!
    Best wishes

  7. Do we need to have another chat about over-achieving?

    ps you have just reminded me about my annual apple cake dilemma. I had better fire up the oven and start ransacking my cookery books

  8. You are so lucky to have plums to pick, here in Oz I am lucky to get any as the parrots get them first, often before they are ripe. Love those rabbits, although here they may get shot, we'll real ones are as they are such a pest here. I too got bored with doing the same thing, much prefer to do something different each day.

  9. I love the bunnies and your drawings are just so beautiful!!!!!!!! I love the jam pot, it looks so lovely, you could frame that! xx

  10. The drawings are fantastic - quick sketch, indeed!
    If you decide to sell some damson jam, (maybe for a charity donation) I'd like to put my name down please x

  11. I made a cake - Plum Cake. It is rather delicious.

    I haven't done any drawing but I did use my Calligraphy pens. Your drawings are super.

    I haven't read The Goldfinch but I have just taken possession of The Seasons by Nick Groom, a celebration of the English year; I am taking it to Scotland on my holiday.

    The bunnies are adorable, love the stipey jumper.

  12. A very productive week. The bunnies are cute and the cake looks delicious. Good to see that you've put your own spin on the daily drawing challenge.

  13. What a great post! I am guessing you didn't do all of that in one week! I am with you on Caitlin Moran's writing it somehow doesn't translate into books.

  14. The cake looks lovely and I know a little lady who would love one of those bunnies, or at least her mum will, so I'm off to look at the pattern now.

  15. I loved the Goldfinch so much! I also love your ivy drawing- it jumps through the screen from the photo. It always interests me the way ivy makes those funny little leaves near its flowers.

  16. Plums from the hedgerows?! I am very envious. Happy jam making. Love your drawings, especially the ivy - so much more interesting than the key even though it was so good. Love the bunnies too.

  17. I like the idea of drawing something that you see each day especially in the garden as there is so much going on at the moment. I think Laura's idea of drawing each day is a really good one especially when I don't find drawing easy, but practice makes perfect or in my case a little better. Your bunnies are so cute and all that fruit, my you are a busy lady.

  18. Your drawings are really wonderful! I especially like the one of the ivy. x

  19. I need to send my parents to you -- they go through a ton of jam and I can't make it fast enough -- you're making a LOT! Your little rabbits are adorable and your sketches! What a great idea to make them like a little daily diary!

  20. I love your blue clothed bunnies! The apple cake looks delicious, I'd love to eat it! :) Great sketches too, my you have been busy!
    Jess xx

  21. Blimey, I saw your plums on Facebook. As it were. I didn't realise they were all hedgerow! You obviously have much more diverse hedgerow ecosystems up your way, I'm jealous. Haven't even picked a single blackberry yet...

  22. Yum jam! I really like your idea of using the sketchbook as a daily diary as well. I keep saying I'm going to start sketching again but it still hasn't happened. xx


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