Thursday, 18 September 2014

A Comment about Comments

I am a little overwhelmed by the response to my last post. What can I say... other than thank you, a huge thank you... and you do all talk an awful lot of sense. I don't think I was being brave... just getting it off my chest. A sort of metaphorical punching the wall... except a lot less painful and without the grazed knuckles!
The rawness of my rejection is passing and of course in my heart I know that what is most important is that I am true to myself, not to the expectations of others... although saying my work lacks variety and depth seemed unfair. I don't agree! On reflection it is probably not the group for me and in all likelihood I would have ended up spending my time trying to fit in and regretting it... so onwards and upwards. But I do appreciate every single one of your comments and emails and the fact that you have taken the time to write so thoughtfully. Lesley remarked that there were a lot of comments that could be printed out and stuck up in the studio for the times when I need affirmation... so true! 
Isobel sent me a great quote from the wonderful Grayson Perry  "Cosy is good... if it is nice to look at and makes you feel good, it's art!" I will remember that as I continue to make the art that I want to make! Gill also emailed with some good advice... but I can't repeat that here!

I am trying to reply to as many of your comments as possible, as and when I can, but it has make me think about blog comments generally

The comments on my blog posts come through to my email in-box (I haven't a clue if that was something I set up!) and where there is an email address provided I will nearly always try, when time permits, to reply as a personal email. But of course many of you are no-reply bloggers and do not supply an email address and so I can't do that.

I know that the trend now is to reply directly in the comments box but  when I leave a comment I never think to check back to the comments to see if there is a reply. I read quite a lot of blogs and generally never remember if, when and where I've left comments and don't really have time to check back, so I tend to think other people will be the same. I know you can tick a box to receive notification of follow up comments but the only time I tried that I was inundated with follow up emails. So that is why I don't reply to comments in the comment box...

Which does mean I don't get to reply and converse with quite a few readers who regularly take the time to leave me a comment.

I try to get round that by leaving comments on your blog posts so that you know I am engaged with you online...

But not everyone who leaves a comment has a blog... and then of course there is Google plus which just seems to confuse the issue because I can't do anything without joining!

Which does mean there are some of you I never get to "talk" to. But I do read every single comment and appreciate that you take time to "talk" to me.

And the images today (with the exception of Grayson Perry) are a small selection of my non-varied shallow work... because I will remain true to myself and make the work I want to make... always with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek and my sense of humour intact.
I think Grayson would look very good in my wig!
Next post... very definitely will be cake!


  1. Hopefully I will be able to leave this comment on my third try! It is so long since I have been able to blog that Google kept throwing me out! I cannot believe that anyone can say that your York is shallow and unvaried. I love it and obviously lots of others do too, so keep on with what you are doing. I will enjoy reading about cake on your next blog too. Cheers

  2. Not sure how I missed your last post and so was a bit shocked to read that your work was described as lacking variety and depth. Well that is just not true, but then I guess they would have to follow your blog for a while to know that. Trying to summarise your work in a presentation of just a few minutes is rarely ideal, I know. As you say though, onwards and upwards and now you won't have the pressure of trying to fit in with the exalted crowd, whoever they are. All the best for the future

  3. Good for you Gina, I was expecting a post like this from you!
    No variety!! What rubbish!!
    V x

  4. So glad you are recovering from your disappointment, and that you will continue to produce your beautifully executed machine embroidery in your own distinctive style. (Muttering more unrepeatable thoughts) Happy cake making!

  5. Please, please, please ask Grayson to wear your wig! If " depth" means inexplicable and accompanies by pretentious artist's statement, then I am glad your work lacks it. I love your quirky take on textile art and your students evidently all respond well to it.

  6. Well said, lovely to have you back. When are you starting your own hand picked group?!

  7. Hello Gina!
    I'm sorry because I'm just catching with everything that happened to you. I haven't read your former post yet but from what you have written here and from the comments, I can understand what it was about.
    Gina, don't focused on the not-so-upbuilding criticisms. And don't let them hinder your creativity. Criticisms whether they are positive or negative are good when they are upbuilding, they are good when they help you better yourself. If their sole purpose is just to crush someone's view of themselves, they are total nonsense.
    Take care Gina and keep believing in yourself no matter what.

  8. Gina, one of the positives from the TSG experience is being one of a small select group chosen in the first place for the weekend. There will be a host of textile artists out there who would have loved to have got that far and you did that. There are some wonderful artists in the TSG whose work I admire immensely as I know you do but it's not your time to join them so you're going to plough your own furrow and follow your instincts where your work is concerned. What I love is the fact that you're doing it with spirit! As you say... onwards and upwards. It's the only way.

  9. That's it be positive! Need a like box to tick against your post x

  10. I'm sorry I missed your previous post, Gina - or maybe not, as I could hardly believe you could have been rejected for the reason they gave and it made me really cross!
    Your work has always inspired me and I'm continuously amazed at the variety and ingenuity that comes through in your work - as shown in the photos on this post.
    Keep your chin up chick, you are inspiring many people here on your blog and through all the classes you teach and a huge part of that is that you are true to yourself.
    Grayson Perry's words are spot on. Love that man!
    (((hugs))) xxx

  11. And after I stopped chortling at your wig ... I forgot to say last time that for me, one of the things that makes your work so different - and so much more appealing - from the normal run of textile artists is the humour. I get very bored with the unremitting "earnestness" of so much in the textile art world. Anybody can do that, but doing it with a sense of fun takes an extra skill!

  12. I didn't comment on your last post Gina because there was so much good advice but my thoughts were definitely with you and your obvious hurt and consequent doubt in yourself about your rejection. I think your comment at the top of your post today sums things up though - they were probably not the group for you and why should you spend your valuable creative time trying to five in? "non-varied shallow work?" what a lot of absolute twaddle!!! xx

  13. Please tell me you weren't wearing the frock and the wig at the interview?

  14. I definitely think that you should have worn the wig at the interview. Glad that you are bouncing back.

  15. You may be talented, but you are also slightly potty! Look at you in that wig :)

  16. Gina. My thoughts are with you. Listen to Grayson. He has some seriously sensible things to say about art. A (wo)man of the people. Keep making!

  17. That's the way to do it - up and attem!


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