Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Mr. Happy

Nothing makes me quite so productive as the last minute. I'm fairly good at planning and organising what needs to be done but when it comes to the actual "doing" I am the master of procrasination. I need that last minute panic to actually make me get down to work.  And I admit, there are times when I cut it a little too fine for comfort.
I've known for several months that I've needed to stitch a second face for my work that is to be exhibited in the Mall Galleries in two weeks time.
So yesterday, having already discarded a first version, I decided it was time to get it done and sat at my machine until my "happy" face was finished. I think I should stitch more happy faces as I actually found myself grinning away as I stitched his smile!

I'm trying to be satified with the result and resisting the urge to stitch another.

My work is all about facial expressions, which are the most universal form of body language, but now I look up close I'm worried that the eyes are a little vacant and don't actually look that happy

But overall, the face makes a good contrast to the Tragedy Mask

and he certainly looks a lot happier than Mr. Grumpy which is the whole point really. I'll reveal the completed work next week... by which time I might actually have it finished!

unravelling the message
Prism at the Mall Galleries
27th - 31st May


  1. Oh I think he looks happy, its amazing what you can do with a sewing machine Gina! Brilliant!
    Procrastination, oh yes I know about that!!
    V x

  2. He looks very happy to me- great work.x

  3. Yep - he looks happy to me too. PS I think I know a Mr Grumpy like that tho!! lol

  4. Hello Gina. You know what, looking at your Mr HAPPY's face made me smile. I love his smile. Reading what you said about the eyes I decided to pay more attention to them. To me his eyes don't seem vacant. On the contrary he has got the eyes of someone who knows how difficult life can be, but who is still able to be happy.
    I'm saying this but I'm not a specialist.

  5. Gina, I agree with the earlier comments...your embroidered Mr looks quite happy. You made me smile with your description of lack of time being a motivation. True here, too.

    I very much enjoyed seeing the photographs of your Young Embroiderers' recent session. It's amazing how much they accomplished in one meeting. Wow!


  6. I too think he looks happy ... nice handling of your sewing machine ;) I get more ideas swamping my little brain when I have next to no time to complete a project. If only that adrenaline brain rush came sooner!! Wendy x

  7. He looks wonderful and very happy. I can't leave things until the last minute and would have to have finished the piece a month ago! I look forward to seeing the entire piece.

  8. it's when I see work like this Gina that I remember what an amazing stitcher you are. fab!

  9. You? Procrastinate? Never! You get so much done while the rest of us are just thinking about it! I await the big reveal....

  10. You have SUCH a talent. I have never seen something this amazing before. It's such a treat to get to see everything you come up with. Love it!

  11. Reassuringly last minute! Can't wait to see the final piece in a few weeks, and you're probably feeling the same way...so I hope the last few bits of stitching go to plan and it all comes together!

  12. Looks good to me. Think you can say the eyes have it!

  13. They both look good to me.

  14. These faces are WONDERFUL!

  15. Mr Happy.
    Steve's nickname.


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