Sunday, 11 May 2014


I thought the canvas work pin cushions might be a little ambitious for my Young Embroiderers, especially working on 14 count canvas with perle thread. But I also believe if you have high expectations then students of any age can rise to the occasion. And the girls didn't disappoint and certainly rose to the occasion.
Hannah and Jemima both finished these beautiful pin cushions and both also went on to start second projects.

Bluebell made a slightly smaller version... just as beautiful.

Francesca and Chloe both opted for rectangular versions ( I just knew they would come up with their own ideas), pictured here with Jemima's second project... a keyring of her own design. Martha also finished stitching a rectangular cushion but was busy still assembling it as we were packing up so I didn't manage a photo. Our younger members Sophia, Eve and Elena also made really good progress with their canvas work too but didn't quite finish by the end of the afternoon.

I'd asked everyone to bring in a selection of their work that they had made in past classes and this is Jemima's wonderful collection. At our last meeting we did some very basic knitting and made soft toys based on a simple garter stitch square. I'd done a pretty awful knitted rabbit as a sample (so awful you are not going to see it!) All of the girls made something infinitely superior to my effort and I just love Jemima's frog and dog with his patch eye!

Here are Martha and Chloe's knitting too!

This is a selection of Eve's work from the past year... pretty amazing for a seven year old I think!
Now as for George... well he didn't turn up so I can't show you his work which is probably just as well. He would have only been a distraction... and it did mean there was more cake for us!

Fabulous work girls... as always!


  1. What talented girls to produce such lovely work.

  2. Stunning work. Love the crow.

  3. Such talent, with wonderful examples of work.

  4. Indeed Gina, fabulous as always, they really are a talented bunch.
    V xxx

  5. What beautiful pieces of art these girls have created! I particularly love the colour combinations pink-yellow-orange, just happy. How old are the young artists? x

  6. Fantastic work. Well done Y.E.s.

  7. I like your thinking Gina, and your girls really did rise to the occasion! Amazing work on the pin cushions ... love the patterns and colour choices. I'm amazed every time you show what your class has produced, but when you tell us the ages of the girls, I'm doubly impressed ;) Wendy x

  8. Your students are producing wonderful work - must be because of the quality of the teaching! I love those knitted toys they have made. Cheers

  9. What a talented group you have there Gina, they produce amazing work!

  10. I am astonished by the high standard of the girls' work - you must be so proud of them and they must be proud of themselves and their achievements.
    The cake looks even prettier cut into squares and put into those little cases.
    Shame about George - he's probably still trying to escape from that coffee advert.

  11. I think it's so encouraging Gina that there's still an interest at that age in participating in these crafts. They've produced some lovely work.

  12. What a talented group. So glad I didn't miss George after all!


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