Monday, 19 December 2011

Day :: Nineteen

It's been quite a few years since I last made my own Christmas pudding. Given that by the time it gets eaten most guests have already had a few glasses of wine and then it gets covered in either brandy butter, cream or custard (I serve all three to cater for all tastes), I'm never entirely convinced anyone can tell the difference between shop bought or home made, so I wonder if it's worth the effort.

But yesterday suddenly I had a whim to make one, so out came my Delia's Christmas Book and I mixed up her traditional Christmas Pudding, which wasn't all that much effort really. I made one or two changes to make it my own.

And even if on Christmas day no-one can tell it's home made it doesn't matter. Because as it is steaming away today the house smells wonderful and very Christmassy!


  1. You have just made me feel much better about the fact that we still haven't made ours ...

  2. As we are down to two for Christmas main meals I no longer make my puddings, but it is such a nice thing to do and not that much trouble, and I do think the difference is noticeable even though the bought ones are very good now. We have a family gathering on Boxing Day evening which I always look forward to and generally overcater for! Doggy bags all round before everyone goes home.

  3. I haven't made one for a couple of years - mainly because I support the 'raising funds for good causes' puddings sold in our village (they are pretty good). But nowhere near as good as "Auntie Vera's recipe" - I'll have to make my own for next year - they need a few weeks maturing so I'm too late for this year.

    I bet you can taste the difference (or feel the superior texture).


  4. Oh I'm imagining the smell in your house I bet it's gorgeous.

  5. I bet they will taste the difference between shop bought and home made! Scrumptious!! I make cakes for all the family, but I've only ever made a pudding once- someone gave me a microwave recipe. I think the timings were all wrong because it came out like a brick!!!!!


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