Saturday, 14 May 2011

Crazy Days

The past few days have felt like a bit of a whirlwind. It started yesterday when I met a friend at the V & A to see this exhibition...

12 March - 10 July 2011

It was fabulous. Not a huge exhibition by V & A standards but very well lit and we could walk all around and right up to all the exhibits which was a real treat to be able to see the beautiful cut, drape and detail of all the garments. After lunch we headed on to meet more friends at Blythe House for a private tour around some of the V & A's archives... another treat!

I just about caught my train home with minutes to spare, got home, got changed and it was out the door for the "Night at the Museum" event. I wasn't sure of what to expect but we were busy all night, lots of people came to say hello and I had visitors sat at my table trying needle felting all evening.

This morning we were up early for a drive to Norwich to see the exhibition "Basketry: making human nature" at the Sainsbury Centre. It was brilliant and well worth the long drive. It's only open for another week but really is well worth seeing if you can manage it. Lots of traditional examples of basket making, some dating back thousands of years along side some stunning examples of contemporary basket work. I was also amazed by the permanent collection at the Centre - a wonderful eclectic mix of paintings and artifacts.

This weekend also sees another postcard swap. The one above arrived for me from Jane for my theme "Revealing and Concealing". Layers of fabrics peeping through a sheer top layer. My postcard was for Penny whose theme is angels.

I made a peg doll angel and stuck her to a postcard, based on this poem by Byron.

Here she is singing out of tune! You can see all the postcards here.

I'd like to say I'm going to sit down and put my feet up tonight but I'd better dash and get changed... we're off to see a couple of local bands playing at out village hall in half an hour. At least I'm not doing anything tomorrow!


  1. You are wearing me out just reading about it!

    Sorry to have missed the basketry - but isn't the Sainsbury Centre fab? It's years since I've been - it used to have a really good cafe too.

    Don't stay out clubbing too late ...

  2. Well done you fitting all that in! Makes me feel like a slob :-/

    C x

  3. I was exhausted before I started reading this post Gina, but what fantastic exhibitions you have seen. They will be so stimulating and inspirational for your course. Love the postcards - your angel looks very demure.

  4. Phew! I'm worn out for you! I agree, your angel postcard is lovely. Hope you get your feet up tomorrow :-)

  5. Gina, I am in full admiration for your energy!

    I also envy your being able to see the Yohji show at the V&A, while wishing I could revisit the McQueen show at the Met with you.

    This is one of those posts that really makes me feel a connection to its poster, and lets me wish that sometime we really might get to meet each other.


  6. Love that top image! Life is very busy sometimes, but you have to grab every opportunity......:O)))))

  7. Gina,
    You always remind me of that old saying 'if you want something done ask a busy woman'. It all sounds fabulous and enviable. This is one of those posts that makes me realise how far west I am and how inaccesible it is to such wonderful events. Still,I can live vicariously through your great blog posts. Put your feet up today girl and have a rest! Lesley x

  8. I'm exhausted just reading that!!

  9. So glad that the Night at the Museum was such a success. Sounds as though you've been a busy lady, nothing new there then!

  10. I thought about taking the Chunnel over to London to see the Yohji Yamamoto exhibition on the weekend but I was only in Paris for a short time, it was just a little too much to take on. Do tell more.


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