Friday, 25 June 2010

Fed up and frustrated!

For various reasons I'm feeling fed up and frustrated. I'm fed up that my house is a mess and my garden is over grown and I'm frustrated that there never seems to be enough time to make my own work... I have plenty of ideas that never seem to come to fruition because there is always something else that needs seeing to. Totally overshadowing everything at the moment is the saga of "The Bridesmaid Dresses".

Far too long a story to go into here but if I say it has been a catalogue of postponed wedding, unanswered calls and ultimately two out of the four girls refusing to come for fittings because they are too busy I think you begin to get the picture! As a result when I should have been making work for my Open Studio everything has been delayed and I've been struggling with satin instead!

I did manage a day off yesterday when I went into London with some friends to see the Julia Caprara School of Textile Art degree show. Some lovely thought provoking work but a little scary to think that is what I've got to do in three years time (will you all come to my degree show?)

No photos allowed but these are a selection of postcards showing the work. After a delightful lunch (it was in a restaurant with some famous TV chef but I didn't have a clue who he was... the man from masterchef possibly?) I then left the others and went to see an exhibition of Marc Quinn's work at the White Cube gallery which I found quite disturbing but I think it will feed in nicely to my essay which is comparing artists who use the body in their work.
And talking of bodies... these four are still having a good time by the look of things...

Joe and his friends in a lake in Kashmir... that's the life eh?

Ah well... one more dress to finish (not to mention the essay) so I'm not sure what I'm doing having a moan on here... better go! Have a good weekend!


  1. Ack! I really identify with this. There aren't enough hours in the day... Hope you find a semblance of balance, and time to feed your personal creativity.

    Happy weekend!

  2. Im exhausted just reading this! Hope you feel better now you've let off steam - sending positive vibes, Judy x

  3. Those naughty bridesmaids should be ashamed of themselves and make time for a fitting. The postcards from the degree show look very interesting. Love the pics of your son and buddies. Good luck with the essay and you'll soon whip through the housework and gardening when time permits.

  4. That exhibition is on the same street as my osteopath. Such a salacious area....

  5. I think my comment got lost somewhere. Those dresses must be so frustrating. Humph.

    I do hope you get some relaxing in this weekend too.

    BTW I haven't forgotten our joint project x

  6. Now I'm intrigued by Emma's comment! ;o)

    Well, I could use strong language about bridesmaids who can't be bothered but as you've possibly calmed down a bit by now I'd better not. Hope you find a little chill out time this weekend. Take a breath!

    Can't wait to see your degree show! (Well, maybe I'll have to for a few years).

  7. Oh I really know how you feel..hope you get those bridesmaids under control very soon, satin is bad enough without all that!

  8. Yes, yes, yes. Will definitely be there for degree show. Should I start queueing for tickets now (a la Wimbeldedoop)? Will bring sparkly something to drink and many stamps so can send postcards of clever friend's whizzy show.

    Satin? Eeeep! Shall offer thoughts to gods to make sure something equally as irritating and thoughtless occurs to recalcitrant bridesmaids.

    As for final pics, is that Kashmiri synchronised inner-tubes Olympic team? Did not realise that sport was so popluar in that part of the world.

  9. Poor you with the bridesmaids dresses. What you need is a "Just Say No!" tattoo x

  10. Chin up! Remember the mantra my Paul always says to me "good enough is good enough"! Don't kill yourself over it

  11. Satin is no one's friend.

    I wish I could visit your show in three years. Please give lots of notice of the date. I'll need to save my money.

  12. Oh my, you are a busy bunny!

    I do hope you find some time for a bit of relaxing over the weekend too.

  13. I am glad you fitted the trip to London in, I always feel better if I can lift my head out of messes and muddles and remember a meal/show/gallery!

    Brilliant photo of the boys....


    Oh, and you are a VERY brave woman. I wouldn't touch satin.......

  14. Aaargh to the bridesmaid dresses! But hooray for a day in London - and of course we'll come to your degree show!

    Lucy xxx

  15. absolutely i'll come to your degree show! Lots of luck with the bridesmaid dresses - i can't believe they have been so rude! As for time, well there is never enough to do all that you want!!


  16. Maybe you could tell the bridesmaids there's a new branch of TK Maxx in Cambridge now if they'd like to try their luck there?

    Hang in there Gina. Hope you can find time for a cuppa one of these days ...

  17. I totally get how you feel, life always gets in the way and talking about intimidating degree shows.....get yourself to New Designersa this week, business design centre Angel, awesome!! or maybe not, it may tip you over the edge!

  18. I know just what you mean. I'm in the midst of the saga of the allotment aprons. But at least cotton is easier to sew than satin. And not making time to come for a fitting when you're making the time to sew the dress is unforgivable. Bah!

    I'll most definitely be coming to your degree show! In the meantime, very intrigued by the joint project.

    K x

  19. Glad to see you finally finished the dreaded dresses, I soooo...... know what you mean. I never do commissions or favours any more, way too stressful.
    Mark Quin's work certainly does look a bit thought provoking.
    And of course we'll come to your degree show, it'll be awesome :-)


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