Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The Cherry Orchard

The recreation ground and conservation area behind our house is lined with cherry trees.

Most of them produce small, hard, bitter fruit but there is one special tree that not many people know about.

The cherries are large, juicy and sweet. Some years the birds strip the lot before we get a chance to pick them but this year there are plenty for us all to share.

And they are excellent with ice cream (Partially defrosted Haagan Dazs of course)


  1. Ooohh I love cherries lucky you, well maybe not considering your fridge/freezer.

  2. There's nothing like cherries straight from the tree. My granny had a Whiteheart tree and the fruits were so sweet and delicious. Glad you got to them before the birds did - they can have the ones at the top of the tree.

  3. ooo lucky lucky you they look perfect :)

  4. "Cherry ripe, cherry ripe..." did you have to sing that at school?

    Lucky lucky you! English cherries are the best - and how opportune to have to eat that ice cream too.


  5. Next door has a tree that overhangs garden and we are free to pick......... unfortunately the blackbirds and jays have had them this year. We have other fruit trees and have hung CDs from them as bird scarers........ will the free CDs from the Sunday papers work? (Barry Manilow et al!!!).... time will tell..........

  6. You've made my mouth water. We have a special tree like that near the swings on the green. I am watching it like a hawk until the cherries ripen.

    How's the freezer situation?

  7. I love cherries... any sort, though I will admit that I have a huge addiction to marichino/cocktail cherries and have used up the jar I had making too many shirley temples. :o)

  8. Mmmm! Sounds lovely, but I'm a little disappointed that you you've not said your making cherry jam. Come on Gina what are you doing with yourself all day. Hahahah. Mx


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