Sunday, 2 August 2009

I'm Back...

but is anyone there? Have you all abandoned me in my absence? Deadlines (well, some) have been met. Work (again, some) has been finished and I've just returned from a week teaching at Missenden Abbey Summer School. Nine super ladies have kept me on my toes in a week of machine embroidery... Razzle Dazzle Accessories. This is just a small selection of what has been completed during the week. Unfortunately Brenda no. 1 (there were two Brendas) had to leave mid week due to family commitments (either that or she'd had enough of me?) but she managed to finish several projects.

Jane also didn't make the last morning but these are some of her finished items.

There were braids, bookmarks and braclets.

Lots of stitching on metal

Some Button Babe brooches

Frivolous little bags made from sheer fabrics and sequins

And flowers made from all types of fabrics.

And among all these little accessories there was a wall hanging! At the start of the week, Zena quite categorically told me she had no interest in making accessories but she took on board the techniques, tried most things and then used what she'd learned to make this fabulous hanging which was almost a metre long!

Thank you Kim, Brenda no 1, Brenda no. 2, Rita, Jane, Liz. Jill, Zena and last but not least the lovely Grace. It was lots fun and I've had a brilliant week so hope you did too!
* * *
Later today we're off to Audley End for a picnic and to see Katherine Jenkins at a Last Night of the Proms concert... so fingers crossed this early sunshine lasts and we don't get rain like last night. But before that I've a little red mite problem to sort out and then about a ton of courgettes and lettuces to deal with... it would seem that a house full of men left on their own for a week do not eat vegetables!


  1. I think all the chickens within a 10 mile radius have had spider mite this year - ick.

    Your ladies have made some gorgeous things - I especially like the little flowers on the bottom row, left and right!

    Enjoy the prom - I think the weather's meant to hold today but all bets are off for the rest of the week!

  2. Lovely work from Missenden Abbey - my favourites are the flowers, stitching on metal and that gorgeous wall hanging. I have nearly given up on the garden this year and plan watercress beds, rice fields and growing cranberries next year! No doubt there'd be a drought if I really did it. Hope you managed your picnic without rain.

  3. Hi Gina, definitely have not abandoned you! you certainly have been busy and the ladies have made some beautiful things, i love the wall hanging!
    Hope your chickens better soon, am just off to muck mine out and shake some lice powder everywhere and over them if i can catch them!


  4. Not abandoned at all, welcome back!

    What beautiful work your ladies accomplished, you must be so proud of them.

    Sorry to hear about the infestation, I hope you can sort it out soon.

    Enjoy the Prom.

  5. Hello, welcome back!!
    Looks like you've had a very creative time, all looks good.
    Courgette and lettuce sandwiches?
    We all have a glut, I think.
    I'm SO jealous of you, I would love to see Katherine Jenkins.. I do hope the weather is good, well, dry at least...
    Tell us all about it!! on your next post please, hopefully with photos.

  6. Yay! Welcome back! What fab sewing you and the ladies got up to during the week!

    Hope the prom goes well!

    Lucy x

  7. this is just amazing - and I have envy!

  8. Hi! Welcome back!! Definitely not deserted.x

  9. We wouldn't leave you! It looks as though you had a week full of magic there Gina. What fabulous work. One day I shall have to sign up for a Missenden Abbey course. I'm always so tempted!

  10. We could never have abandoned you! Look at all those clever things you have been doing.

    I get red spider mite on my plants, should I check behind the compst bins in case of random infestation of chickens????

  11. Welcome back Gina! It's been very quiet in blogland lately, I think everyone's having a break.

    What lovely work from your week at Missenden, your ladies have learned a lot and their work is excellent. I especially like the wallhanging.

    Have fun tonight, I've got my fingers crossed for you.

  12. Lovely to have you back Gina. You have been sorely missed.
    Your ladies at Missenden did some great work.

  13. Glad to see you back - I missed you! I envy you a whole week of 'play' - I was clearing up after Open Studios! I love the way the 3 little button people are dancing for joy, Enjoy the prom - we're off to dinner with DD2 (dirty daughter 2) who is just back from Marrakesh so heaven knows what we shall be eating .....

  14. Yay! You're back! Looks like you're having lots of fun. Love those cute little button people!

  15. Hello Gina,
    Hope you had a great break wished I could have been at Missenden Abbey!x

  16. Hi Gina - just spotted you're back and it looks as though you and the ladies at Gt Missenden had a creatively wonderful time.

    Wasn't the Spitfire pilot amazing how she threw the plane about the sky!!!! Yes Cliff and I were there too snuggled down in our picnic chairs, drinking Becks and eating marshmallows - in the field behind the car park enjoying a free show!

    Were Catherine's frocks as splendid as she made out, and did you get the clapping right? (from afar the conductor seemed very slightly annoying!)


  17. Hooray......... you are back! The Button Babes do it for me... love them.x

  18. Great minds think alike! Glad to be back in the playground with you.

  19. I'm glad you're back. Nice to see what you've been getting up to.

  20. Welcome back Gina!
    My chicken problem this summer is slightly bigger, furrier and with a horrid scaly tail... enough said!

  21. Hello, welcome back. the works the people have made are wonderful.

  22. Hello, sorry I've not visited before, I've got guests down and this summer has been a crazy one for many reasons but I'm glad you are back and these goodies from the ladies are gorgeous. I especially love the stitching on metal

    Best wishes, Carolyn x


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