Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Abel & Cole

Before I took my blogging break I was asked to review this cookbook. I gave it a quick mention but didn't really have time to review it properly. But now I've read it cover to cover I can whole heartedly say it's fabulous! And it is the sort of cook book you can just read for sheer pleasure. The photographs are gorgeous and the text is humourous. It is divided up into seasons so it is easy to use when your organic box arrives... or in my case when I dig up my latest offering from the garden. (Abel & Cole still don't deliver here.) So I can only agree with Country Living and say it is "A kitchen essential"

As you can see from the numerous post it notes it's not just a book to read but one to cook from too. I love the way the recipes are written more as if they are a guide rather than something to be slavishly followed. Glugs of this and handuls of that are just my sort of cooking!

As I've had a good crop of beetroot over the past few weeks I picked out a likely looking beetroot recipe... I immediately replaced the cream with creme fraiche but more or less stuck to the rules.

I have to say it looks a little alarming but once you've got over the fact you are eating luminous pink food it is quite superb. So good in fact I've made it several times and it is already established as a firm favourite.

Today's vegetable pickings were these carrots

So out with the A & C cookbook again and this time I found a recipe for cake.

Haven't tasted it yet but it smells divine and was amazingly easy to make.

That only used a fraction of the carrots though and so I found another recipe for a carrot salad.

Quick, easy and tastes good too!

The perfect accompaniment for tonights courgette and goat's cheese quiche. It's the third night running I've served up something with courgettes... not sure how much longer I'm going to get away with it.

The Abel & Cole cookbook has already become one of my favourites... and I own a lot of cookbooks!
I'll leave you with this little gem... one of the delights of growing your own veg! Captions on a postcard please.... or you can just leave a comment. Might even find a prize for the funniest one.


  1. That carrot looks a little like my shadow *smirk*

    Oh, how I wish I could get away with serving courgettes three night in a row, my absolute favourite!!


  2. Um, yes, we have carrots like that too!

    I was a bit nervous about trying that very beetroot recipe when I spotted it in the cookbook a few weeks ago, but now I think I'll give it a go! Thank you so much for your suggestions!

    K x

  3. Reminds me of the little boy/cherub fountain! I am green with envy at your homegrown vegs. and all your dishes look delicious. That sounds like my sort of cook book. I think you are turning into Superwoman.

  4. Well, of course, the first thing that springs to mind is the Manneke Pis of Brussels so maybe 'oops, just missed the quiche' might be appropriate!

    Are you the vegetable grower? If so, well done. We are enjoying lots of runner beans and tomatoes but my carrots look very weedy. Must try harder.

  5. Lordy, I couldn't possibly comment and destroy my purer than driven snow reputation (stop it!)

    I noticed that cookery book in the Saffron Walden library the other day. Might check it out!

  6. Tsk! Tsk!
    Naughty carrots pictures!
    Where is your self discipline?

  7. Hi Gina! Hope you had a great break. I am back from mine and feeing fully better. Am I the only blogger in the universe who has not said something about that book (which I don't have?) .. hmm.. have I missed something?? That is very impressive rude carrot!! x

  8. The book has some very tempting recipes and I'm sure they must taste even better with your home grown veg.
    I wonder where Giuseppe Arcimboldo would have stuck that carrot!!

  9. For some reason I'm recalling all those hours of life classes when I was at Art College...

    ... enough of that!

    The cook book looks most useful - maybe I should add it to my collection.

    Abel & Cole are certainly targeting the bloggers (but so far they've missed me).


  10. Good gracious Gina - you're a cooking machine! You're also an excellent advery for that book - I bet they didn't reckon on you rustling up QUITE so many of their lovely recipes.

    As for the carrot, we think it's a parrot. I shall keep the saucier options to myself. Just having a little smile at Celia's thoughts on it x

  11. The carrot had a pea up against the wall

  12. "Don't make me laugh, I have to peeeee." Your garden goodies look wonderful -- especially that quiche!

  13. Can I come and live with you please Gina, I think I'd enjoy your cooking? That little boy carrot is cute too!

  14. Wonderful veg Gina and the carrot said weeeeeeeeeee!
    Thank you for the giggles. Jane x

  15. now there's one thing I would never be asked to do...review a cook book!
    I only have a kitchen because it came with the house!

  16. It really is such a fab book isn't it? But I haven't cooked half as many things from it as you! I'm in awe!!!

    Lucy x

    P.S. Tsk tsk to the naughty carrot!

  17. My daughter recommended A and C website, as neither of us live in UK, we don't enjoy their veg boxes, but my oh my I thoroughly enjoy the recipes on the site. Might have to add cookbook to my wishlist..

  18. A know-nothing Cook, name of Gilly,
    Said "This cooking lark's all rather silly,
    I'd did make a pledge
    To steer clear of veg,
    Now you tempt me with one like a w***y!

    Trust me to lower the tone x


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