Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Cake and Corsets

Thank you all for the kind messages of concern about my eye. I soon gave up the pirate look when I realised that I couldn't sew with only one eye working. Instead I went for the celebrity rock star image. That didn't work either... I couldn't see at all!

So there was nothing for it but to forget all about sewing and do some baking instead - orange and carrot muffins with a cream cheese topping. It did mean venturing into the vegetable patch to dig up some carrots but I returned unscathed.

Today my eye is much better with no pain and only slightly blurred vision, however some insect has bitten my hand this morning whilst I was walking the dog and it is now very hot and has swollen so much my knuckles have disappeared. Now I'm taking antihistamines as well as antibiotics!

It doesn't stop me eating cake though. I wonder what tomorrow will hold?

Just in case you haven't discovered this yet, go and take a look at Sew Curvy Corset Kits from the lovely Julia of Marmalade Kiss. If you've not seen Julia's corsets before... prepare to be amazed. They are wonderful!



  1. Thanks so much for the link Gina! Sounds like you are living on the edge!! I recommend pink glasses and lavender oil for the hand it will take the sting away. xx

  2. wow, that hand does look sore! I think sitting and eating cake is the much better, and safer, option.
    any left for me?


  3. Lordy woman, you are in the wars!
    I hope you make a speedy recovery from your injuries very soon. x

  4. Gina, have you considered just sitting down doing nothing for a day or two? Trust me, I'm a doctor (well, OK, a PhD not a medical doctor but I am allowed to call myself Dr Val ;-)

    If you really must keep busy, we have just had half a houseload of old china and furniture dumped on us that needs a lot of unpacking ...

  5. Just a thimbleful.....

    It sounds to me as if you are accident prone! Isn't it awful when you get bitten by some tiny little flying thing then get an enormous allergic reaction - I am just as susceptible! I too recommend Lavender Oil, very soothing. We had a MESCH meeting this morning to talk about our forthcoming exhibition at Art van Go and I made your scones recipe - great success. The calories went straight on, no messing about!

  6. Oh no. G has several ant bites from the allotment that look quite similar, and he says they're terribly itchy. At least there's cake to soothe the pain!

    And how I wish I could sew myself curvy: I'm afraid even with the best sewing I'll still be all straight up and down. Bah!

    K x

  7. They say stuff happens in threes - better lie low for a bit!

  8. Yikes Gina! I completely missed all the excitement with your eye. I'm thinking maybe you need to stay inside and QUIETLY work on a few indoor projects for a few days. Hope your injuries go away quickly!

  9. I think maybe you should be locked in a room, safe from harm! at least for a day or so anyway!
    hope you are 100% soon, must be mightily frustrating!

  10. So glad your eye is better. Those muffins look delicious - if I eat cake I need corsets!! My husband has had an insect bite too, and his hand is very itchy and swollen. Just going to check out the corsets.

  11. You poor thing, you have been in the wars.
    Hope you recover soon.
    Thank goodness you were still able to bake, the cakes look wonderful and as for the corset link, well that sounds great fun.

    Many thanks for dropping in on my blog :-)

  12. I get terrible allergic reactions to insect bites and I am afraid that I zap them with anti-histamine tablets and then try to reduce the itching with ant-histamine cream. I really sympathise because I know how lousy the allergic reaction makes you feel.

    Now - as for poking yourself in the eye - a desperate attempt to look like Captain Jack Sparrow and get street cred, methinks.

  13. Eye situation? I don't read your blog for a few days and WHAM! There is an eye situation??!

    And now a hand situation? Be careful tomorrow.....

  14. Perhaps you should stay in the house until the fall. Less gardening and less insects. ;-)

  15. Gosh, sounds like your part of the world is very dangerous. I ventured into my veggie patch to pick courgettes for a veggie curry last night, thinking about you I wore a helmet, mask and protective glasses, next time I'll add padded gloves as well, just to be on the safe side!
    I think you need to stay in for a while and look after yourself Gina, by the way the dark glasses add an air of mystery, I go with those if I were you! M x

  16. Oh Gina you have been so unlucky this week. Your hand looks very painful and sore I hope it gets better quickly.
    I prescribe some internet retail therapy. I'm sure It would cheer you up and It would be a lot safer.
    Keep smiling.

  17. I'd recommend chocolate, but the way you are going, you might inhale the wrapping paper......... !! Chin up. Am off over to Marmalade Kiss for a lookee... x

  18. You are engaging in an extreme form of gardening right now!

  19. Hope your eye is on the improve!! Your carrot and oragne muffins look amazing - wish I could eat one now!

  20. So great to see you today - what a lovely chat - it's great that I CAN chat a little at last, interspersed with 'visits'.

    Your presents are such treats, especially our patchwork feathered friend. Thankyou!!!

    Oof, and glad the hand and eye are a little better.


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