Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Mucky Book Club

Can't be long on here tonight as I've got a bookclub meeting. A group of six of us formed our bookclub about six years ago. The aim at the time was to meet every couple of months, all having read the same book chosen by one of the group members, chat about the book we'd read and share a glass or two of wine. We only had one rule - the books could be high brow or light reading it didn't matter but thay did have to contain a naughty scene or two- and so "The Mucky Book Club" or "MBC" was born. In truth none of the books were really that raunchy and for the first couple of years we all diligently read the books and reported back what we thought. But over time the meetings became less of a bookclub and more of a social gathering with the emphasis on the food and wine rather than the reading. For the last couple of meetings we haven't even mentioned books! But a new start for 2008 and we've got a new approach. Instead of all reading the same book at the same time we are each bringing a book we have read and enjoyed (doesn't have to be mucky!) and we're doing a swap. This is the book I'm bringing tonight.

Stewart bought me this for Christmas and I loved it - one of those I couldn't put down. I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't read it but it centres on a devastating secret that has an impact on the lives of two families and the relationships within those families. It is also beautifully written and I can thoroughly recommend it.

Before I go I thought you might like to see this beautiful Strawberry Fairy sitting on the Lord Mayor of London's throne - in true beautiful fairy style she has her wings on upside down but I still think she looks very cute.


  1. Hope MBC is fun tonight! The strawberry fairy looks very much at home on the Lord Mayor's Throne - a Princess in the making?

    Enjoy your wine :)

    Lesley x

  2. I very nearly bought that book today! I've seen people mention it on their blogs and it was in my hands (along with the Friday Night Knitting Club) but I dithered and chose Atonement instead (and tried to persuade my husband that I had bought it for him!) Problem is, I can't get on with reading because there are so many things I want to be making! Lucy x

  3. I enjoyed that book too - read it for my postal book group, though it's the type of thing I'd likely be attracted to anyway.

  4. It was my 40th birthday last week and Neil took me away for the weekend I didn't have access to the internet now i'm back and do I can't believe how busy you have been.Millie the sock puppet is so cute and I love your sense of humour when it comes to tea cosies.The Strawberry Fairy looked very at home sitting on the throne.
    Last week I was told I have a slipped disc in my neck so the Make My Day Award that you recieved last week is even more appropriate now,because that is exactly how I feel when I read your blog,Dots as well.So please keep blogging because it makes my day!.

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  6. Hello Gina - thanks for visiting - gosh, but you've made some lovely things. I've thoroughly enjoyed looking at your bits and pieces :-D

    A Mucky Book Club sounds right up my street too ;-)

    Take care. x

  7. I shall check this book out at the library. Thanks for the recommendation. The strawberry fairy looks delightful!! and her strawberry fairy outfit looks beautiful too!
    (I'm nearly back to full power, firing on 3 cylinders now).

  8. The strawberry fairy is beautiful on her throne.
    I quite fancy the idea of an MBC club. My SerenTex friends will be interested in that. We swap books too. We have a combined book and textiles club (smile)


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