Sunday, 6 January 2008

A Case of Cameras

Thank you for all your kind and supportive comments after my post on Friday. Mostly we have good days but holidays, Christmas and other changes in routine always make for a stressful time. But it's all relative and we've come a long way from some of the horrendous times we had when Jacob was younger. There was a time when I was told he would never be able to go to mainstream school nor access the National Curriculum so to think he goes to the same school as his brothers and is sitting eight GCSEs is amazing. Plus he started his English coursework on Friday afternoon (although I'm sensing resistance today!) and therefore had his day out yesterday... everyone happy!

I decided I needed to make something for myself for a change so got out this lovely book which I bought months ago and have never used and decided to make myself an "Artsy Clutch" as featured on the front cover.

Also a good opportunity to use some of the lovely Japanese fabric I bought at the Festival of Quilts and some brightly coloured silk that a friend brought me back from India.

And here it is...

A camera case for my new slim line camera. It was unbelievably simple to make and only took an hour from start to finish - and that included selecting, photographing and ironing the fabric as well as covering a button. But I love it and have already cut out a second one as a gift for a friend. This one was really simple but I think there is masses of potential for embroidering, printing and decorating the fabric used... watch this space!

Talking cameras, Joe seems to have rescued his - or at least managed to rescue some photos - so a selection from the hundreds he has put on Facebook. I'd like to say there were some fabulous view of Sugarloaf mountain and the statue of Christ in Rio... but mostly they involve beaches, girls and beer!

Not sure why they were all swimming in mud... but they were! Typical boys!

They cleaned up though!

This was Christmas Brazilian style... looks very familiar.

And Joe with his new Brazilan Grandma! Told you there were girls!

And finally the fireworks on Copacabana Beach... Happy New Year all over again!


  1. Nice bag, Gina - might have to make something like that myself...

  2. I love the bag Gina it's much nicer than my camera bag.
    It's nice to see the boys are having a great time.

  3. The bag and camera case look great and I love that photo of the fireworks! Lucy x

  4. The bag is lovely - it's great to see all the ways it's been made by different people. I really like the posh fabrics you've used.
    Looks like Joe is having a great time 'seeing the sights'!
    Lesley xx

  5. That is a lovely camera case! I'm planning to make one for all my notepaper and pens - it was going to be a zip bag but this looks much more straightforward!

  6. Gorgeous bag Gina, the fabric is wonderful! Joe looks like he's enjoying himself. Great fireworks!

  7. Beautiful bag Gina! And I loved seeing the photo's of what the boys have been up to (love the one in the mud!). And the fireworks look spectacular!

  8. I love that camera bag Gina. What wonderful memories that lovely son of yours is going to have to look back on, one day.


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