Sunday, 13 January 2008

More Tea Vicar?

I know - I said I would be having a few days off but I made something today that I had to share...
But first our day in London which was a glorious sunny, although cold, day. After setting up my work for assessment, which was somewhat nerve wracking - lots of people, not much space, tension high - we wandered back to Regent Street to visit one of my favourite shops - Liberty. I always feel transported back in time when I visit this store. I really don't like shopping but I could happily while away several hours in Liberty. I love everything about it, especially the service, where the staff are courteous and helpful. I bought fabric and yarn, but more of that another time.

I love the flower shop outside - beautiful even at this time of year.

Next stop was the Designer Crafts exhibition at the Mall Galleries. No photos due to the problems of getting permission etc but if you are in London before 20th January do go and see this exhibition. Lots to inspire and loads of textiles. I especially liked the work of Rebecca Shreave, Caren Garfen and Kerry Mosely. After that it was along to the National Gallery.

Where we saw work by Cezanne...

Van Gogh...

Degas and Caravaggio to name just a few.

From there we ventured down the Strand where I had to show Stewart the wonderful statue of Oscar Wilde by Maggi Hambling,

on our way to have lunch at Joe Allens, which didn't disappoint. Excellent food as always, washed down with a bottle of chilled Chablis.

After lunch we went to Tate Britain which proved to be disappointing. I had wanted to see the Turner Prize Retrospective but I hadn't realised that it finished last week. Instead we saw the Hockney on Turner exhibition but didn't find it very inspiring. I can appreciate the genius of Turner and his mastery of light and space but I don't actually like the paintings that much. Wouldn't do if we all liked the same things I suppose! It was also very hot and crowded. It was then back to collect my work (results in a few weeks) before heading home.

Any way, the real reason for my post this evening...
I love Poppy Treffry's tea cosies and after reading about Val's tea cosy last week I was inspired to make my own. Using a couple of very cheap tea towels (Five for £2 at Tesco) I've made a tea cosy using applique and free machining and here it is!

I drink a lot of tea (never coffee) and always make a pot using loose tea not tea bags. I even make my own blend of Assam with Earl Grey. So often the pot gets cold before all the tea gets drunk so a tea cosy was waiting to be made. Of course this also meant a batch of blueberry muffins for afternoon tea.

It has a matching tea towel lining.

And if I get bored using it as a tea cosy... it makes a stylish and unusual hat! (I admit it - I've been on the wine not tea!)

On that note... time to go!


  1. Great hat!!!

    I love your tea cosy - what a great design! Your day out in London looks fab. I've never been to Liberty but feel I really should pay it a visit.

    Thanks for the laugh :)
    Lesley x

  2. Lovely teacosy Gina - but please please please can I have your china! I've loved that design for years! Lucy x

  3. I love this tea cosy! But the blueberry muffin is even more tempting...

  4. That's a great tea cosy Gina! I could see that as a magazine or book jacket illustration.

    What a full day you had in London! I love Liberty's, but haven't been there for ages. Yet another New Year's resolution - go to Liberty's!


  5. Suits you, dear, suits you! lol Love the tea cosy and the crockery. Glad to hear someone else is a tea addict! :))

  6. Gina, you're a genius - what a wonderful teacosy! Mine's positively pedestrian in comparison!

    I'm glad you had such a lovely day in London. You were certainly busy!


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