Saturday, 19 January 2008

A dozen little books

What do you do when you've a class to prepare for the following day - bags to pack up and get ready, samples to finish off and a dozen project bags to put together (which included a mad dash to Cambridge because I didn't have enough vilene or bondawb)... all this bearing in mind the extra couple of pounds gained over Christmas which need shifting?

Make double choclate chip muffins of course! I knew you would understand!

Despite the chocolate distractions I did get everything ready in time and today I have spent a lovely relaxing day at the North Herts and Beds Embroiderer's Guild teaching a workshop on Little Bonded Books - as featured in my Fibre and Stitch article. (Don't you love the way I slip that in!!!) We've had a fabulous day (which included a rather delicious lunch) and these are the finished books from the twelve ladies attending the class. I apologise because the flash has drained the colours but they all had the the most amazingly rich colours and textures.

Don't they all look lovely together - all those wonderful colours. As always I love the way the same class can turn out so many different interpretations of the same set of instructions.

A lovely day but tiring too so no prizes for guessing what I'm off to do... (it involves my feet going up and a full glass)


  1. Hope you're enjoying that glass of the red stuff, Gina. The books are delightful. I'm ashamed to say I haven't tried this yet. Enjoy your evening. x

  2. The books are gorgoeus! I can't wait to read the article and learn how to make one.

  3. the books of the twelve ladies are gorgeous!!!

  4. Fabulous books! and those muffins look very very yummy...

  5. well, muffins are certainly what I'd do in that circumstance :)

    Great books - really wonderful variety and looks like a great idea to start with...

  6. Mmmm yummy looking muffins, and gorgeous books too. Glad you had a good day. x

  7. I can't think of a better time to bake muffins!!
    The books are beautiful and I shall be reading that article of yours!
    Enjoy your glass - or two :)

    Lesley xx

  8. Lovely little books that could be used to keep muffin recipes in....which explains why you had to bake them first.

  9. I absolutely looooooove the books!! I'm anxiouse to read YOUR PUBLISHED ARTICLE(hee,hee... a plug for you)in the fiber magazine.

    Putting my feet up is one of my favorite hobbies. Although my newest interest is experimenting with felting. I'm reading and playing with it. It's not reflected on my blog yet as I locked myself into a Valentine's Day series.

    Whoops... I'm going on and on. Sort of the way I talk to telephone answering machines.

  10. isn't it satisfying to see the results of a good workshop together like that? I love them all. I wouldn't mind one of the muffins either!

  11. Oooh, lovely books. What a clever class!

    Maybe I should invite myself to yours for muffins then ;-)

  12. Hope the wine was good!!! Those books are gorgeous - you need to come up north so you can teach me too! Lucy x

  13. Sounds like you deserve a nice glass of wine Gina!

    The books are stunning and I am sure the ladies had a lot of fun in your class. Such a beautiful range of colors too...

    And chocolate chip muffins always go down well...yummm..

  14. Yummy looking cakes and great books.
    Iv'e been out and about and pcked up a few bits for you and managed to make one of your things today.
    Sarah xx

  15. Aaaaahh! Sweet profile photo! You haven't changed much! :))

  16. I've just popped by to say how much I like your photo of 'Little Gina'!!! I had to say that 'cause no-one told me how gorgeously lovely I was on my Little Me photo and didn't want you to suffer in the same cruel way as me!!!!

    love Lesley xx

    p.s. I see Julie's noticed too! Good on ya Julie :)

  17. These books look beautiful ...


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