Saturday, 16 May 2020

Lockdown Life

Well hello! Despite my absence on this blog I'm still here, still keeping virus free, and ridiculous though sounds for someone who is suddenly left with no work, I'm really busy. The days seem to fly by. Most days you will find me at my sewing machine where I have moved on to making scrubs and gowns for a local group that is supplying hospitals, hospices and the like. If you had told me three months ago I would have become an expert at fashioning garments from duvet covers I would have thought it a ridiculous idea... but that is what I am doing. I reckon I'd give the contestants on the Sewing Bee a run for their money! I've lost count of how many sets I have now made but enough to have given myself a whole new wardrobe should I wish to dress in old sheeting. I have the fabric waiting to be cut out for two new dresses for myself but they will have to wait. After all I'm not going anywhere so don't need anything new to wear.

I have been enjoying customising the pockets and making my own labels. Totally silly, as this probably takes as much time as the rest of the garment but it keeps me amused and hopefully brings a smile to someone else's face too.

My favourite set of scrubs so far have been this Winnie the Pooh set. Some of the hospitals only want plain garments but others are quite happy to take the patterned ones.

It seems wrong to me that our key workers should be relying on volunteers to make protective garments from cast off bedding... but they do and so I am happy to help.

When I'm not making gowns or scrubs I have been making lots more masks... over 50 at the last count. These have gone to family and friends and whoever happens to ask for them. Some people have asked to buy them but despite my lack of income at the moment, it feels wrong to profit from the current situation.... not a sentiment shared by everyone as apparently masks have been selling for extortionate prices on the internet. But I have had some interesting gifts and exchanges (as well as donations to charity) for some of the masks I have made... wine, flowers, freshly laid eggs, a chilli plant, home grown garlic... and wellies! I rather like the idea of this barter system! If you want to make your own I have a tutorial here... just make the elastic a little bit longer... about 6"

When I'm not sewing you can find me pottering in the garden or painting in my studio... I'm now starting to put some of my paintings for sale so be sure to follow me on Instagram if you are interested. I'm taking part in something called the artist support pledge. Artists who have found their income suddenly depleted are offering work for sale for less than £200 and once they reach £1000 in sales they pledge to spend £200 on the work of another artist. Some artists are obviously more successful than others... I've still a way to go! 

There has also been a bit of baking. I have finally learned how to make sourdough bread and there is a jar of starter languishing in my fridge ready for the next loaf. And in the evenings I'm usually knitting or crocheting whilst watching something on Netflix or the like.

My latest make was this little cardigan for our newest arrival. Our granddaughter, Reagan, was born a week ago. It's hard not to have baby cuddles with her or her little cousin who is now two and half months already... but better to know they are staying safe at home. We are hoping by the time the third grandchild arrives this year (in August) we might be able to see them all.

So that's pretty much my life in Lockdown at the moment. We might have been asked to 'Stay Alert" but but we're continuing to 'Stay at Home' unless we have to go out. How are you doing?


  1. Oh my goodness, Reagan is gorgeous, congratulations to you all. And that's a beautiful little cardigan you've made for her, a really lovely colour. I hope you'll be able to see her soon. Well done on all the scrubs and masks, I love the finishing touches you've put on the scrubs, no doubt they will be very much appreciated. CJ xx

  2. Love the Winnie the Pooh scrubs. I have been making scrubs bags for colleagues and up to 75 now. Its hard when new arrivals come and you're not able to give them a cuddle. Hopefully it won't be too much longer. As a keyworker I still go to the hospital everyday whilst my two men stay at home and I am looking forward to being able to see my other big kids when the restrictions are lifted.


  3. How adorable is little Reagan!!!! Congratulations to yo all!
    I love your little messages on the scrubs, I'm sure they're much appreciated ... love the Pooh set.
    Sounds like you're busy Gina but when are you not!! :)

  4. Boy, you're having a busy grandbaby year! Little Reagan is adorable -- as is the cute sweater you made for her. Looks like you're keeping good and busy -- your scrubs are so professional looking!!!

  5. You are so good to be making things for our NHS; as you say, it should not be necessary but there it is, the need is acute.

    I do feel that staying alert would be relevant if the virus was visible, gods help us!

    I am still trying to get up the courage to make a sourdough loaf, I have made some starter but lacked the courage of my convictions until today when the starter, after being fed, tried to escape its jar. Tomorrow is the day, wish me luck!

  6. The fabrics I used were not nearly as interesting as yours.
    I'm not brave enough to try sourdough but make soda bread quite often.
    Another lovely baby in the family - how hard it must be not to have cuddles yet. It's so hard to be patient, isn't it?
    As usual just reading your post makes me feel exhausted! Well done - all of it.

  7. What an adorable baby, and a lovely cardigan you have made for her. I am glad to hear that she has arrived safely.

    I love your little touches on your scrubs sowing and the fabrics your are using, I am sure they will be appreciated.

    Like you we are staying at home.

  8. I love the little labels you are adding to the scrubs -such a personal touch and what a gorgeous little girl - we are eagerly anticipating the arrival of our second grandchild in November.

  9. What a beautiful baby Reagan is! Congratulations to you and of course the parents, too. The cardigan you made for her his adorable.

    Imagine being treated by a nurse or doctor in Winnie the Pooh scrubs! That would surely bring a smile to everybody's face. You are brilliant, making all those scrubs and masks. It is a shame of course that it is necessary for creative people like you to make scrubs in the first place.... anyway, your personalised labels are fun and I am sure they are much appreciated.

    You are very kind and thoughtful Gina. I received a special parcel from you today and I thought it is very nice that you thank the postal services for their hard work. The content of the parcel is of course even more delightful, I can't wait to hang it up (and use the greeting cards). I'll need to rearrange my picture wall I think. Thank you!!!

  10. Glad to hear you are staying safe, sane and busy.
    I'm also on mask making, just passed the 600 hundred mark! and coincidentally we also have a newly arrived great niece, called Reagan May. Really hope you get to have a proper cuddle before too much longer. T x

  11. Congratulations Gina. I understand the disappointment at not getting baby cuddles. I have 8 grandchildren now and only one of them I got to cuddle on the day of his birth. We tried to get to see them as soon as we could but distance does make that harder. I hope you can more than make up for it soon.

  12. Those masks and scrubs you are making are cute, I like the embroidered sayings you add, and that cardigan is a treasure as is the new addition to your family.

  13. Gorgeous baby! Congratulations to you all. And well done on all the making and baking. I just seem to be eating here.

  14. Crazy isn’t it, we’re all busier than ever it seems! I do hope you get to see the new grandchildren soon; like you, we're Staying Home!


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