Saturday, 20 May 2017

Miss Gina von Teese*

It probably would never have been on my bucket list but when my soon to be new sister-in-law announced that we would be having a burlesque dancing lesson as part of her hen night, it was another thing I'd never done before that I knew could be added to my sixty by sixty list.

We were told to bring high heels and a feather boa with us. You may be surprised to learn I don't have a feather boa, although I do possess a boa type scarf which I thought would do the trick. And high heels... Well I have them but do I wear them? Certainly not since the incident of the ditch in the night time! But entering the spirit of the event I brought them along anyway...

However, as you can see I was seriously overdressed (yes, I'm the old girl who is completely covered head to toe... actually not true, my toes are peeping)! I consoled myself with the fact that as well as a feather boa I don't own a basque either so my long sleeved top was probably as good as it was going to get and also more appropriate as I had a good twenty years or more on most of the women in the room.

Before long our instructors from MyBurlesque were taking us through the moves a step at a time until we had built up a whole routine.

Fortunately for you there don't seem to be any photos of me in action (well I did keep myself tucked behind a pillar at the back being a bit of a shrinking violet) but here are some of the others strutting their stuff.. bride to be taking centre stage of course.

And as for these little accessories that were in our goodie bags, I can't see them getting much of an outing round here. Even if I felt so inclined they are unlikely to do me much good. I could have pranced in stark naked in my high heels and feather boa last night and and the best response I could have hoped for would have been "Shouldn't you have a vest on... it's chilly out there you know!" And they say romance is dead!

All joking aside it was actually great fun, very tongue in cheek and lots of laughs.
* Wondering how many hits that title is going to get!


  1. Fantastic, well done you, I bet everyone had a brilliant time. CJ xx

  2. You must all have had plenty of giggles during the evening, and I think you should wear those little accessories on the next Moon Walk!

  3. No excuse then for the next time you go, as you now have the outfit! ;)

  4. How do you get the tassels to stay in place?! Double sided tape? Toupe tape? Then how would you get them off?! The mind boggles! But you've made me laugh out loud!!

    1. yes, they have double sided tape... but I'm not going to try it!

  5. Good for you, Gina. Show them youngens how to do it.

  6. Oh Gina.... the mind boggles.... I feel ancient all of a sudden!

  7. Sounds like great fun Gina and I'm sure you will find a creative use for the accessories!

  8. This sounds like my personal nightmare :-) but not as bad ending up in a pole dancing bus. Yes, this happened to me once, for a 40th Birthday party, not mine I hasten to say. I was never so glad to be car sick before and after, a great excuse for not moving from my seat. I know, I am ashamed to admit that. The tassels are fun though, how do you wear them?? Not that I am planning to get any if course. You are much more fun than I, glad you had a fabulous time xx

  9. OhMyGosh -- you're hysterical. It sounds like your new SIL is great fun!!!


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