Friday, 18 April 2014

Easter Baking

I had an urge to make chocolate cornflake cakes. I've no idea why because I don't think I've made them since my boys were all small and would help with the stirring and mixing. I had to go out and buy cornflakes especially.
I added mini eggs to make them more seasonal... you can't imagine how difficult it was to find a packet of mini eggs yesterday. I think I may have just bought the last packet in the universe. Sorry if you were hoping to pick up a packet or two today.

Strangely satisfying arranging them in geometric patterns... which is just as well because no-one is eating them. There's only three of us at home (one of whom is diabetic) until Monday and to be honest they are a bit sickly after the first one. Sickly but good!

I did grown up baking too... but we've got the same problem...

A dozen huge hot cross buns and only two of us actually eating them.

They made a rather splendid breakfast. Would it be wrong to have them for elevenses and lunch as well? Don't answer... I'll freeze some unless you fancy popping round for afternoon tea?

Have a lovely Easter weekend whatever you may be doing... or eating!


  1. Gina, I absolutely do fancy popping over to sample at least one of those hot cross buns. Would I be too late for tea?

    The cupcakes are adorable, but it's not chocolate time for me yet.

    Funny, but over here in NYC, the sight of hot cross buns is rather rare. Of course, that might be a signal that I could make my own...but I've been doing too much knitting.

    Happy Easter to you and yours! xo

  2. I wish I were close enough to pop in for some hot cross buns. They look so good.

  3. Yum! Your baking posts always make me hungry!

  4. We had our Hot Cross Buns for breakfast this morning but I just fancy one of those crispy cupcakes with a cuppa now.

  5. I do love conflakes with chocolate.
    We eat it for christmas. I am going to make some chocolate nests with eggs, though won't do them in the easter days. Since I am all alone. - And would probably eat them all if I could. So I will wait until I get some guests.
    I have never seen cross buns before though. They do look delicious.

  6. The Hot Cross Buns look very very tempting. I could also manage the Chocolate Crispies. They would not last long in our house.

  7. I could eat hot cross buns anytime of day and yours look wonderful.

  8. Now if it wasn't for the Irish Sea I'd be around in a shot to help you eat all that deliciousness. :)
    Happy Easter Gina,
    V xxx

  9. Uh oh, you've been baking delicious goodies again and I'm still gluten free!

    Happy Easter Gina, have a wonderful time and thank you for your lovely comment about my top. Hope you get some good 'Cosy' knitting in this Easter.


  10. They all look yummy. I don't bake as I live by myself now and unless I freeze loads they'd just go to waste, I'll pop over to yours for some of yours though!

  11. I would definitely love to pop over to your place for a cuppa and a bun and a cornflake cake - shame it is so far to go! We are doling out our hot cross buns by degrees for morning and afternoon teas, though Bill would eat the lot in one go if I let him! Cheers

  12. We love hot cross buns, I don't bake my own. Do you remember the days Gina when you could only buy them at Easter and not every day of the year?It makes them seem less special, we only buy them at Easter and have them for breakfast on Good Friday. Hope your enjoying all your cooking creativity and I'm sure you'll have plenty of guests this holiday to help you munch your way through all that food. xx

  13. Lucky I live in the village?The last time I made Hot X Buns I forgot the yeast and even the birds wouldn't eat them! Louise made cakes just like yours - yummy.

  14. Ooh lovely, I'll have a hot cross bun, thickly garmed with butter for my main course, and a chocolate cornflake cake (3 egg variety) for pudding please. Xx

  15. Cor, those hot cross buns look just like the ones in the shops... but better! I'll have to enjoy mine in the 'virtual' world but I can taste it from here. It's been a long time since eating corn flake cakes for me too but just seeing those photos makes me salivate for one... or two


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