Saturday, 12 April 2014

A Handbag????

The title of this post needs to be read in your best "Lady Bracknell" voice....
Do you remember a few weeks ago that I was inspired by the fabulous work of Lauren Shanley and as a result I devised a way of creating a similar collaged fabric and then made a bag? You don't? Ah well, never mind, I did and the result was the bag pictured below... so do read on...
I loved creating this fabric... it was such fun.

So much fun in fact that I went on to make a second bag... very similar to the first as I perfected the technique....

and tried to write out the instructions for my students in a language they could actually understand.

I even added pockets and labels...

I was actually so excited that I went on to make a third bag but this time in pink. I'm working on a collection (I jest not) which I'm hoping to have ready for Open Studios in a couple of months.

But just to test the water I have decided to list the pink bag and one of the black bags in my Etsy shop.

Now I am aware that I'm about to shoot myself in the foot and I'm unlikely to pick up any awards for salesman of the year... but the bags are a bit pricey!

In truth, I do think by the time you factor in all the time, planning, fabrics etc. they are not really that pricey at all and are quite good value for money... especially when you consider that each one is a unique designer item and actually it seems positively cheap compared to some bags!

But I'm also aware that I wouldn't want to pay that for a bag that I would probably think I could make myself. And let's face it... my average reader is pretty useful when it comes to making things for themselves. And so then I hit on another idea (prompted by a special blogging friend), that if I was teaching this to my students then I could also teach this to you!

So as well as listing the bags in my shop I have also got a 14 page step by step, fully illustrated tutorial and pattern listed for making both the fabric and the bag... two for the price of one!
So you can choose... a ready made bag... or instructions to make your own!

And next time I'm here I'll show you the bags that my students have made!


  1. What a blooming fantastic idea, Gina!

    And that pink bag? I'm gripping onto my sofa with the thrill of seeing it! I love pink.

    There is no price for the hours spent on such a beautiful piece of work, Gina!


  2. I love the pink bag (the black one too, but the pink's my favourite)and I'm off to your shop to buy the tutorial.

  3. What a great idea Gina. I don't think the bags are overpriced at all, considering the work that goes into such a unique item. I might check out the tutorial but embroidery scares me a bit.... have a lovely weekend. x

  4. That's a great idea and the bags just get better and better.

  5. Good idea Gina, the bags are lovely, I'm sure your pattern will be very popular!
    V xxx

  6. I thought the black bag was great but the pink one is stunning. When I get all the other things I've started finished, I'll have a go at one.

  7. Great idea. Those bags are lovely.xx

  8. Gorgeous bag and I don't think it's at all overpriced. The tutorial is a great idea too.

  9. Great idea to do a tutorial Gina. The bag is stunning in pink and certainly noy over-priced. x Jo

  10. Great idea, Gina!

    Each of the bags is a gem, and providing a tutorial is quite wonderful. I know exactly what you mean about pricing intricately hand made items.


  11. ooh someone else having a lovely time with bags again. they are gorgeous Gina and from my pov you've done the best thing and produced instructions!

  12. Glad you're asking a sensible price for your bags Gina, having seen the quality of your work first hand. The tutorial is a great idea too, hope it goes well.

  13. The bags are fabulous and I think your pattern and tutorial is a great idea, I've already bought it and I will get on with making my own soon. I hope you sell loads! (of the pattern, that is, until you've built your stock up.)

  14. I love those bags and I hope you sell lots of copies of the tutorial. Unfortunately my days of doing that sort of sewing are long gone. Cheers

  15. Gorgeous bags, Gina. I feel a 'must have desire' coming along. xx

  16. The bags are great and I'm sure the bags and patterns will be a hit! It's a great idea.

  17. Pricing handmade things is such a nightmare isn't it, but your bags have huge appeal and that's at least half the battle won.


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