Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Black and White

Remember this little notebook cover that featured in this post here?
I designed it as a sample for my Tuesday embroidery class. The ladies were given the challenge to design their own project to showcase the technique and I was looking forward to seeing what they would come up with. And what did they come up with? Notebook covers!

But still each one is unique and rather lovely. I especially like the embroidered bee and beaded button on Di's beautiful notebook.

Jean's fun book is covered with humorous text.

Linda is not only new to the class but also new to machine embroidery and despite working without an embroidery foot for the first two weeks, has produced this amazing example above.

This is Jan's diary cover...

and the front and back of her second example. Such delicate imagery.

Linda also made a second example.

And while the class have been working on their projects I have used the technique to make a cushion cover...

a rather premature Valentine! Stewart wanted to know who I was giving it to but I told him I hadn't decided yet! I am toying with making them to order with customised messages though... what do you think? Good idea?

The back is a plain envelope...

But my favourite bits are the buttons.

Just 2 cm diameter.

Wonder what I can make next?


  1. Your ladies have done so well and I love the 'Stuff to do...Maybe' book. I think your cushions would be a great idea, the buttons really set it off.

  2. Love the cushion, great idea to customise them!
    Brilliant notebooks too! :)
    V xxx

  3. The notebook/diary covers look like a lot of fun to make! Your cushion cover is a great idea and I'm sure the customized wording would be a hit ... love the detail on the buttons :) Wendy xo

  4. Great work from all your embroidery ladies - and I love your cushion cover, especially the buttons. You go to so much effort, I am sure the cushions would go down well with customised writing. Cheers

  5. These are brilliant and I love the buttons. I bet all the ladies hd a great time.

  6. I love your cushion - such intricate detailing, especially the buttons.

  7. Your students are brilliant - I find it really hard to 'write' with the sewing machine. Their book covers are wonderful and I love your Valentine cushion and the idea of others with special messages. Good luck with it. The stitched fabric buttons really finish the cushion off to perfection.

  8. don't they look beautiful. I expect it takes some practice to get your writing legible. Your stitching is like drawing Gina - wonderful!

  9. I love the cushion, - (and it's good to keep Stewart on his toes!)
    I've come up with a personalised message, but I'm not sure you'd want to embroider it! x

  10. Make next... make next! Knowing you it will be something fabulously stitched... or another cake ( no beetroot please).... or it will be with Celia's fabric! Just caught up with her post and want to see the reveal....
    PS The cushion idea is a good one. I think it has legs.... as they say.

  11. I love the little buttons on the valentine cushion - and the idea of hiding messages in the text. Books look good too!

  12. Your ideas and creativity are always refreshing. The cushion is simply lovely.

  13. It's beautiful!!! Необыкновенная роспись иглой!

  14. for heaven's sake! These are lovely ...and what a great idea.....
    I've been scrolling backwards to find some machine embroidery ... love it...


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