Sunday, 27 October 2013

A Scandinavian Hands Up For Uganda!

I was going to say this story started about 9 months ago but I should probably go back further.  A few years ago the wife of the Congregational Church minister in our neighbouring village started a series of community suppers held in the church school room, to raise money for both the church and various charities. Over the years different people have hosted the suppers with different themes... and so it came about that at a Scottish themed supper at the beginning of this year I happened to ask my friend Anne if they had ever held a Scandinavian supper. (We had both recently bought a Scandinavian baking book so had a shared interest)
And from that simple question the seed was sown and we move rapidly forward to last night... our Scandinavian Supper. We had a few trial runs of the menu in advance, multiplied the quantities to feed 44 people and got together a small team of willing cooks...
The school room was decorated with a Scandinavian theme...

The people arrived and we then set about serving up vast quantities of meatballs!

Of course there was cake too... Norwegian spice cake...

and Swedish Tosca cake.

For entertainment we had baskets of lego...

With  a competition for the best lego models...

And there was a sing-a-long to well known Abba songs and even some dancing.

We had a gorgeous blonde maiden preparing the food and a viking to serve the Glogg

And there was even a Swedish Chef!!! ( I own up... it's me)

We all had a brilliant evening but best of all was that we managed to raise lots of money... Anne and I chose "Hands Up For Uganda" as our charity which if any of you receive Bobby Britnell's newsletter will know is a really worthwhile charity that works at grassroots level in the village of Kisaabwa in Southern Uganda. Please do follow the links to find out more about this fantastic worthwhile cause.


  1. Brilliant, well done Gina both on the brilliant idea and for raising money for a good cause into the bargain.
    Lovely to see local community events like this taking place!
    V xxx

  2. Good for (all) of you. And you make a great Swedish chef ... you're clearly in the wrong line of work ;)

  3. Looks like you all had a fantastic time, and what a good cause too.

  4. What a lovely community project and so beautifully organised and presented. You must all have had so much fun, as well as lots of hard work. Love the chef and Viking gear! So pleased it was such a success.

  5. Well done! That chef reminds me of the Sweedish Muppet

  6. And you said you couldn't wear hats... very fetching its certainly 'a look'
    well done, looks like fun and good food was had by all.

  7. Wow Gina -- it looks like it was fantastic! You're looking hot, I might add LOL. Love the guy in the braids too!

  8. that's fabulous Gina - what a strike for community spirit. don't you look just gorgeous! lol

  9. Looks like you all had a brilliant evening!

  10. That looks like an evening of super fun! I love Swedish food, we used to have meatballs for breakfast sometimes, when I lived there.

  11. What a fun evening and for such a good cause. I would have loved the lego competition!

  12. Looking good Stewart, looking good. Possibly a little too good....

  13. Oh well done you! Bobby's commitment to her charity is inspiring and I'm sure you raised a ton of money - especially wearing that great disguise!


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