Sunday, 30 June 2013

Since I was last here...

  • I have spent a couple of days with my Mum who is recovering from vascular surgery. She is doing really well. Luckily her surgeon was one of the more successful ones in the recent public reporting about the performance of surgeons.
  • I've taught another afternoon of Creative Sketchbooks and we played with masks and resists. Lots of fun.
  • Spectrum had an outing to the Henry Moore foundation. It was wonderful. The weather was fine and there was much to see, made all the better for being there with friends. I liked the sheep.
  • We celebrated a wedding anniversary. Nine years... where did they go so quickly?
  • I've started a tapestry. It was a rash decision against my better judgement. But I've done it. And I've told you so now I'll have to finish it. (But secretly I rather like it)
  • I've taught a class on making braids at Art and Stitch and each of the ladies completed some beautiful work. I think they had a good time too.
  • Last night Gill and I completed another Starlight Walk. We agreed it was good fun and we will do it again. But this morning I'm struggling to remember a time when the simple act of putting one foot in front of another didn't make so many bits of me ache.
Funnily enough there hasn't been much time for cleaning bathrooms, ironing or even blogging but I will be back again soon (perhaps after I've cleaned the bathroom). And if you follow this blog with Google Reader please find another way of following me after tomorrow... because I would hate for you to go away.


  1. So pleased your Mum is recovering well and congrats on your anniversary and the Starlight Walk. Love the braids and the tapestry is looking good - I do like that design. I am not a lover of modern art but those massive sculptures have such strength and appeal. Do hope I shall find you again!

  2. You have been busy Gina!
    Good to hear your Mum is getting stronger and a happy anniversary to you and your hubby!
    Lovely art and stitching, as always.
    V xxx
    P.S. I hate cleaning the bathroom too, always bottom of the list!

  3. Good to hear that Mum continues to improve. Enjoy every moment with her. As for all that cleaning talk... go wash your mouth out and never speak of it again... and good luck with the tapestry. Methinks you have a project and a half there but it's refreshing to see someone do one from their own design and not a kit. Progress reports will be expected!

  4. Good luck to your Mum as she recovers - perhaps she should do the tapestry so you can get on with the cleaning? No?

    Congratulations to you both on your anniversary - love the photo on the bus. Such happy memories.

  5. Sounds like you've been good and busy Gina -- I hope you are resting today LOL. I always knew the sheep in the UK must be art lovers -- that's a great picture!

  6. You kept that quiet, were you doing for sponsership.? I will gladly donate. Welldone. Feet up and knitting should be the order of the day.

  7. Good news about your Mum, may she continue to improve every day.

    Happy Anniversary to the pair of you.

    Well done for doing the walk again and I am certain that the bathroom is not going anywhere so no need to rush to clean it.

  8. Gina, I send your mom best wishes on a steady recovery.

    I send you and yours congrats on the anniversary.

    I send you compliments on the tapestry's beginning. It will be fun to see how it develops.

    And finally, I know what you mean about sometimes being a little slow to start after an extra active day. And about not always having house cleaning as a top priority!


  9. Wow! You have been busy. Congratulations on your anniversary and I love the poppy head design.

  10. I would love to see those Henry Moore sculptures. Funnily enough I was looking at his book of sheep drawings only yesterday!

  11. Glad your Mum is on the mend. Every year I mean to go to Perry Green but never quite make it. Maybe I'll get there next year.....
    Congratulations on your walk Gina, and next year too as its becoming a regular thing in your diary.

  12. Glad hat you were lucky enough to get a good surgeon and that your mum is doing well. Belated congratulations on the anniversary too.

  13. Glad your Mum is getting on well, it must have been very worrying. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary too :-)

  14. Glad the Starlight Walk went well - the Class here was great on Saturday and they all enjoyed themselves. Glad Mum is on the mend and love the wedding photo happy belated Anniversary.

  15. I had a feeling you had a lot on at the moment! Love the poppies in the sketchbooks, and the braids too, and I hope your Mum continues to recover from the op xx

  16. The tapestry looks like it will be hours of fun!


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