Thursday, 6 June 2013

I've Got My Eye On You.

You may remember this piece of work that was passed on to me from Gill at our last Spectrum meeting. One of our "round robin" pieces.
I thought about adding eyelashes... or lips... but in the end I made a box... one of those "middle of the night" flashes of inspiration. Although I'm not so sure that Jenny, who has to work on it next would descibe it as inspired!

Each of us started a small piece of work on the theme of back and white, using any method we liked. These have now been passed on to two other people, each having a month to add their contribution. When we met up yesterday, it was amazing to see how different they all look and we decided that this would be the final month. As well as adding (or taking away/cutting up etc) the final recipient this month would have to finish the piece ready for display.

I wish I had photographed them all at each stage... but I didn't! I'll be sure to photograph all the finished results next month though.

Catriona had done wonderful things with these leaves.

This shirt started as a tiny piece of printed fabric, which Angela changed into a pieced patchwork and then Ann cut it up and appliqued it to a shirt.

I started this piece which was a long strip of felted fabric. Jenny altered the shape, adding surface decoration and then Thelma added embroidered seed heads on net.

This piece has been worked on by Gill, me and Jenny...

And this piece was started by Ann, has been worked on by Margaret and Gill... and I now have to finish it. Watch this space!

The other exciting thing at yesterday's meeting were these wonderful Macarons that Jenny brought for us all to sample. I tried the salted caramel... and the lemon which were both equally wonderful!

Jenny's daughter has just started a new business making these macarons which are sure to be a huge success!


  1. Those 'eyes' are fascinating.....slightly creepy.

  2. I think the box was very inspired!
    Love the macarons, don't they come in wonderful flavours. :)
    V xxx

  3. They have all progressed nicely, I'm looking forward to seeing the final results. And the Macaroons were delish!

  4. What wonderful designs and so very different. I do like your box - it would certainly keep me on my toes finding all those eyes looking at me! Yummy macaroons - I wonder if one of my daughters could be persuaded to start up a similar business.

  5. What an interesting challenge you guys have going on! I love those pretty black flowers with all the different red centers -- pretty beadwork. And yum -- macarons - salted caramel gets my vote!

  6. Those eyes are still unnerving! Everything seems to be going very well, I look forward to seeing the final pieces.

  7. I think we have all produced some fabulous work and it has been fun. The macarons were gorgeous and I did only have one.

  8. I can understand it's a fascinating transformation process. Some lovely work there Gina.

  9. The box looked like it worked well...
    The flowers with the red centres are lovely, but that thick white line needs "knocking back". I must be hard to work on something that cn be so radically altered by the next person..

    Fantastic selection - will you all be putting on an exhibition

  10. This is so interesting to see how each of you change the piece. I'd be so nervous to cut up someone's first creation, but I guess it's all in the name of the game. The end results are really beautiful. Lots of creativity shared and admired ;) Wendy

  11. I swear those eyes follow one about ... I leant across to pick up a coffee and they were still looking at me!

    The box was an inspired idea, and the whole project is fascinating. Cutting up something others have worked on though ... scary!


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