Friday, 4 January 2013

Good Reads

 Thank you to everyone who left a comment with advice. The problem did indeed seem to be Blogger not working with Internet Explorer so I've used Firefox instead and there was my 'Choose Files' option back where it should be.I don't think I'll ever understand the way computers work!

My reading group's book for November was Life of Pi. I read it ten years ago as Stewart bought it for me for our first Christmas together. I thought it sounded an unlikely book for me to enjoy but I loved it. Roll forward ten years and I didn't feel I needed to read it again, but when the group met to discuss it, the resulting conversation was lively and fascinating and I realised just how much I had forgotten. So I read it again over Christmas and loved it all over again.

Then last weekend we went to see the film (although only in 2D... I find 3D makes me feel a bit queasy!). I couldn't really imagine how they could stay true to the book but again I was surprised. It was brilliant and spectacular with the most wonderful photography so I can highly recommend it. I've now got less than two weeks to read the book for January which is Pigeon English by Stephen Kelman.

It is written in the voice of a young African boy who has come to London with his mother and sister. It is has a fresh and lively style and is often funny but it deals with gang warfare and the stabbing of a young boy... so I sense it may not be all light hearted. I think this is what I love about belonging to a reading group - not always reading books I would have automatically chosen, yet finding I enjoy them.


  1. So glad you managed to sort the problem of the images, it's so frustrating when this happens.
    I couldn't possibly read a book in 2 weeks, 2 months more like, I love reading, but I'm a slow reader. My DD1 is creating a family library which is wonderful, I get to read all sorts of books now.

  2. I seem to have lost my Browse function and can't post pictures this evening - what is going on?!!
    It makes me so cross when someone makes a film of a book, but doesn't keep to the story. Glad you weren't disappointed by Pi.

  3. I loved "Life of Pi" when it came out, so can't wait to see the film. Even more so "Midnight's Children", my most favourite book ever, although the critics don't seem too enamoured......

  4. I still haven't read Life of Pi, though it is on our shelf. Has it really been there for 10 years? Eeeeeek!

  5. Glad you got the computer issue sorted, I was worried when you said you might need to leave the space!

    A very belated Happy New Year Gina, and here's hoping 2013 is kind to you and yours xxx

  6. Gina, just catching up. I've been there with that blogger interface problem so know where you're coming from. Glad it is resolved. We've been waiting to get to see Life of Pi and were told it was best in 3D. Reviews have either been that it is brilliant or that it is awful. No middle ground it seems, but as I know you have good judgement I shall take your word for it and definitely try and see it now.


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