Friday, 28 September 2012

Nice Buns

I do like a nice bun!
So after this week's episode of the Great British Bake Off I couldn't wait to try Danny's Bakewell inspired Chelsea Buns. Not only did they sound scrumptious but it seemed an ideal solution to Joe's permanent quest for food... something to keep him filled up between meals!
So I was disappointed to find that the recipe was not on the website the following morning. However by tweaking a Chelsea Bun recipe and replacing the filling with an almond paste and glace cherries I came up with these.

I admit I was pretty darn pleased!
By Bake Off standards they would have failed... every single one of them a different size and I'm sure I would have been told they'd been over-proved or something similarly technical... but as Sam pointed out, I don't have the judges in my kitchen so it doesn't matter...

Although if Mr Hollywood would like to come round to tell me I've got wonky buns or a soggy bottom I wouldn't turn him away!

And as Stewart said... if they weren't different sizes how else could he get to choose the biggest one?

And they did taste pretty good... like a cherry bakewell in a bun!

It was very hard to stop at just one, which was just as well as they tasted much better fresh on the day they were baked.

But even the very few, slightly stale remaining buns weren't wasted... they made a rather good bread and butter pudding.
Truely scrumptious all round really... buns, pudding and Mr Hollywood!


  1. Sounds like you have two very appreciative judges really - the best sort! Those who love your cooking.

  2. Haha your husband sounds just like mine ~ always the biggest one! :)
    Although if Mr Hollywood did call call round would you really want him to say those things?? I don't think so, more 'wonderful' and 'pert' as opposed to 'wonky' and 'soggy' I would think!!! ;)
    Vivienne x

  3. They do look absolutely gorgeous!

    And for the record, if Mr Hollywood comes anywhere near me commenting on my buns he'll get a swift introduction to the outside of my front door!

  4. they look delish!1 - I love buns and Danish - glad you are feeeling better - so sorry about your dad - glad Joe is home is he staying or will the wanderlust take over again -take care

  5. I like the fact that you've included a little something for those of us who haven't the slightest interest in cooking. (I have found myself watching GBBO - and it's NOT for the recipes!)

  6. I am loving the Great British Bake Off, just loving it. Good to see you back on form again with your teaching and baking! Mr Hollywood has quite some following these days..........

  7. The home judges are the best ones - only they seem to be able to detect the love in the baking.
    I have to tell you, those Hollywood eyes have something about the snake charmer in real life though - you'd confess to a soggy bottom and so much more.

  8. They look delicious and I'm sure Paul Hollywood would have agreed. I think that flavour is more important than appearance and any variation in size only matters when you are selling them. You surely earned extra points for upcycling the stale buns into a fantastic dessert!

  9. What if he really came round and said you had 'nice buns'?.....

  10. Now the buns look good - although I fancied the poppy seed version myself - but the thought of that almondy bread and butter pud has me drooling! Yummy!! (Just like Mr Hollywood ;D )

  11. Oooh Gina they do look delicious and buns should never be all the same size because then they don't look homemade. I do like the sound of that pudding too - definitely scrumptious!

  12. I am very concerned for Mr Hollywood's well being if he visits South Cambridgeshire.

  13. They do look very scrummy! :-)

  14. They look really good, I hope all those men in your house fully appreciate your wonderful culinary skills!! (If you ever need a taster.....)


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