Sunday, 19 August 2012

Walk Like a Man

Training is going well for my walk.
I've even got a walking companion on the night.

I completed seven miles this morning.
An hour and three quarters, striding out and singing along with Frankie Valli like some mad woman.
"Ooh... walk... walk... walk... walk...
I'm gonna walk like a man...
Fast as I can...."

If you would like to sponsor me but haven't got around to it yet you can find my page here.
Every penny helps and feels like a huge great cheer to keep me walking as well as raising much needed funds for the Garden House Hospice.
Now if you will excuse me I think I need a shower.


  1. My feet are aching just reading your post. Best wishes. Vera

  2. Well done Gina. I hope it isn't as humid where you are as it is here. I can't cope with humidity.
    I can remember jogging on the spot many years ago - to the Beach Boys and Beach Baby. I should have trained for my training as I could hardly walk the next day!

  3. well done Gina. I saw your post title this morning and it's been in my head ever since lol. like Heather, hope it's not as humid as it is here.

  4. I think Frankie Valli is excellent stepping out music! :)
    Vivienne x

  5. I'm really showing my age and lack of education - I have no idea who Frankie Valli is, but good on you anyway. Forgive me for not donating, though I hope you do very well. I support many charities at home. Cheers

  6. Hope training going well, keep it up!

  7. Good luck to you both. Eating lots of chocolate is good for aching muscles xxxxxxxxxx


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