Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Samples... and another book!

I wasn't going to show you any little matchbox books today. Oh no... I was going to show you a little glimpse in my sketchbook instead.

Yesterday we took down our SPECTRUM exhibition at Art Van Go and tomorrow we have our next meeting and so we are moving forward with design.

Working from a larger image that they drew last time, the members have had to isolate areas with a view finder and use these smaller areas to generate new ideas.

Working with different qualities of line in black and white, the idea is to play and see where it leads to.

But they don't like doing their homework so I'm joining in to try to encourage them (and to make them feel guilty when they don't do their homework!)

And this has resulted in a small stitched sample.

This was what I was going to show you... no little books at all... just sketchbook work and samples. But then the post arrived with a little mystery parcel addressed to me. And inside a little matchbox book...

My very own little David Hockney matchbox book!

My friend Kim thought I might like a little book of my own... like it? I love it!

Look at that perfect machine embroidered portrait and inside...

Pages full of photographs of David Hockney!

It is wonderful! Thank you so much Kim - a random act of kindness that has made me very happy. So you see, I had to show you a little book today!
p.s. Kim has just opened an Etsy shop... do go and take a look!
p.p.s. Thank you to all my new email newsletter subscribers. That's all... I'm going now!


  1. lovely to see your sketchbook and samples evolve again Gina. always so fascinating to see. what a treat to receive that David Hockney matchbox = no mistaking who he is from that clever stitching!

  2. No wonder you are thrilled with the matchbox! Wasn't that kind of Kim? She is as clever as you!

    Don't talk about drawing, I started a class three weeks ago to get me back into the swing of it and it is AWFUL, drawing on the right side of the brain...I disliked it so much that I didn't go today, went for lunch with OH, much more fun.

  3. Oh I long to get into designing and just pottering about with stitching but I can't just yet. Soon I hope. Your work always sets me longing to get going again.

    Your friends act of kindness sure brought a smile to my lips tonight, what a lovely thought and beautifully done too

  4. Wow, what a wonderful gift and so thoughtful too :-) David Hockney's exhibition has really set the world alight hasn't it? I havn't been but am thinking I really should try and get to it.

  5. Your sketchbook designs are so strong and positive - I'm sure that doing the exercises yourself gave everyone the confidence to try to do the same.
    How lovely that someone gave you a matchbox book, and what a superb one. Will you become matchbox book rivals?!!

  6. Beautiful sketchbook work, you will be top of the class! But there again, you ARE the teacher.
    Love the Hockney book, what a super pressie xx

  7. What a lovely friend to make you such a delightful present -- I love the stitched portrait of DH! Great sketch development too.

  8. So glad you have a little book of your own to treasure - what a treat. Love the sketchbook work too.

  9. Oh I love David Hockney - I grew up only a few miles from Salts Mill where there is a huge permanent exhibition of his work (and am originally from the Bradford area myself!). So a David Hockney-inspired RAK would really make my day!

  10. I've loved David Hockney forever. I saw one of his watercolours when I was in my 20's and it was a huge influence on my style at that time. I've continued to follow his career through photo collage and his ideas about perspective. Your little book is a wonderful little treasure, a very thoughtful gift.

    And re: New Zealand and visiting your son. So happy for you that you will be making such a huge trip and I think that going with your mother will make it even more special. Have a wonderful time.

  11. Hurray for Kim!

    Thanks so so much for your helpful words today x

  12. Lovely sketch book samples and so nice to see how you how you translated them into stitch.
    I love the David Hockney match box book, what a wonderful thoughtful present.

    So pleased for you that you'll be seeing your son after 2 years, that's a huge time to be separated, have a great time.


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