Friday, 2 March 2012

Cupcake Anyone?

I guess it was only a matter of time before cakes featured on my matchbox books

A sugar pink matchbox trimmed with a special woven ribbon

and inside, an accordian book with appliqued cupcakes on the front and back covers, tied with machine wrapped cord.

An accordian book with a recipe inside...

For lime and blueberry cupcakes.

In my shop now!

One of results of making these little books is that I'm getting quite a collection of these...

Anyone any good at making matchstick models?

(I would love to be able to credit this photo but unfortunately could not find the source)


  1. Errrrm didn't you buy matchbox blanks? Just search for Craft Matchboxes and you can find.

  2. Ha! Now that's funny...beautiful book, too!

  3. Another little gem Gina and I love that tiny matchstick tree.

  4. Ooooh I saw this little book on facebook just now and whizzed over to etsy but sadly too late! Your little books are all so wonderful Gina and it's lovely seeing all the different ideas that you're coming up with.

  5. Ooooo -- Super Cute Gina! I LOVE the little cake on the cover!

  6. Ahh, perhaps that is how I can support you- with empty matchboxes!

  7. What a gem of a box this one is - that ribbon is just perfect for the outside of it!

    At the risk of my fire starting qualities coming to the forefront again, I would love to light one of the matches on that little tree and take photos of it as they all gradually fizzed into life..... think it might look rather beautiful.

  8. Lovely books and cupcakes are definately my thing.
    Hope you are well

  9. It was about time you did a cup cake book!! It's just as cute as the others, well done.


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