Sunday, 4 March 2012

Red, White and Black

Nearly all the remaining matchbox books are spoken for, with perhaps only one or two more to appear in the shop. Which is excellent news for me as it means in theory, I've raised the first £500 towards my project - Thank you all so much. Of course, all I have to do now is make them all!
So I'm starting to work my way down my list of commissions. I wasn't at all sure where to start with a book for a tri-athlete, but once I started I enjoyed making this one.

I stuck to red, white and black in keeping with the graphic symbols representing triathlon.

A stitched book with a hard cover...

and a beaded spine. A tiny little place to record all those best times!

Although the next one has been commissioned I had always intended making a "Paper Cut" book. I have to admit that some of my original ideas for this one had to be abandoned as being too ambitious. Cutting paper on this scale is tricky to say the least!

My design is based on some Rob Ryan papercuts (I'm hoping he won't mind!)

Inside another little stitched book with a hard cover.

Decorated with paper cuts and beads.

I was obviously in a red, white and black mood yesterday!

I'll be back with my news of my big trip next week... although I suspect some of you have already guessed where I'm going!


  1. Two more works of art Gina, and the papercut one is exquisite. They are all tiny treasures.

  2. Thanks so much Gina, my sister will love it.

  3. Two more little gems, impressive cutting on such a small scale!

  4. Hello Gina
    I am new to your site & have to say, I so love all of the tiny books that you are making. I love making books myself & have in the past made a matchbox book which was published in an Autralian art journal magazine.
    But your books are so elegant. Wished I lived closer so that I could do a class with you.
    Your Friend
    Elizabeth xx

  5. oh wow Gina these are exquisite...thanks for your visit, tis bit hell on earth at mo! xx

  6. It's really interesting to see what different people have commissioned, and to see how you've tackled the challenges. The papercut book is exquisite.

  7. Gina, when I saw your photos of the paper cutting, and your reference to that paper cutting master, I reminded myself about just how many months ago, I bought myself a "self-healing" cutting board. Have I yet used it? Alas, not yet.

    Thank you for the inspiration. Again.



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