Saturday, 14 January 2012

Hello Dolly

At our Young Embroiderers meeting today we thought it would be fun to make dolls taking inspiration from the dolls and creatures made by Julie Arkell. Julie uses papier mache to create her doll forms and we didn't have time to do that so instead we made armatures from wrapped pipe cleaners and then the girls dressed and decorated them with all sorts of found scraps and bits and pieces. As ever, the results were amazing.
The doll below was made by Jemima and is still a work in progress, but you can see from its fabulous head and fancy pants it is going to be brilliant.

These two were made by Shaan (in the green dress) and Hannah (in the stripy number) and have been named "Bow" and "Buttons"

This beautiful but slightly sad looking lady below was made by Tabby

"Rose" was made by Keziah... our newest and youngest member at only eight years old. Isn't she great!

This trio were made by Francesca, Abigail and Bluebell. Francesca's doll, in the furry boots has been called "Bobby" and Bluebell's colourful lady in her red crown is called "Wacky". The less said about Abigail's rather buxom young lady the better... although as you can imagine it caused great hilarity!

Scarlett's doll started out being based on Lady Gaga but ended up as a Spanish Senorita.

This one below was made by Hannah (we have two Hannahs) and looks very disco in her sequined top.

These three were made by Finola, Skye and Imogen

And last but not least is this fabulous little dog like creature made by Grace. I just love his furry tail and cute little face.

Usually at Young Embroiderers the adult helpers sit and join in making their own version of whatever we might be doing, whilst helping with needle threading etc, but today without exception no-one finished or was happy with what they did. This was not because the girls needed more help than usual - in fact the opposite was true and they just breezed ahead with no preconceptions about getting wrong and as a result created all these wonderful free looking creatures/dolls. But us grown ups - we more more concerned with being neat and getting it right with quite awful results. So if you want a laugh... I'll show you mine...

Who looks remarkably like the Queen... if she were some sort of peasant potato farmer.

I'm glad all the girls did better than this!


  1. some wonderful imagination going on there Gina. I love Aligail's bosomy doll lol and the bottle cap headgear on yours is unusual! great fun.

  2. Fantastic results from your Young Embroiderers Gina. How lovely that they are starting so early instead of having to wait till their mid-40's like me!
    Grown-ups are seldom happy with their work and I love the freedom with which youngsters tackle things. If only we could rediscover that.

  3. I bet you all had a really fun time doing all those. The dolls are so different, such is the confidence of youth!

  4. They look brilliant - and you will be sorry to know that my computer is now up and running and therefore I too have posted about today's session .... sorry, but it had to be done!

  5. You must have such fun with the girls. You are right, children just get on with it!
    V x

  6. You're so funny! I'll bet you have a wonderful time with the girls -- what fun to see their little minds at work!

  7. That looks such fun.
    Yours does look exactly like Her Majesty going to a fancy dress party.

  8. I love to see young people's creativity Gina and these dolls are splendid but what struck me most about this post were the wonderful names your Young Embroiderers have. How lovely to be a Finola or a Bluebell or a Grace. What a lucky girl you are to have the opportunity to work with such spontaneous thinkers.

  9. Looks lke fun from start to finish. Such lovely spontaneous work.....

  10. What fun! ALL the girls' dolls are super, love 'em (particularly the one with the big boobies!!).

    And what do you think the Queen does when she goes up to Norfolk? Farms potatoes, of course! We all take our pleasures where we can. Your girl is lovely with her bottle cap hat ;o)


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