Monday, 7 November 2011

Eleven Books, Two Cheques and a DVD

Much as I would have loved to have followed your advice and spend the weekend reclining on my sofa, Saturday was spent with ladies from the Enfield branch of the Embroiderer's Guild making little bonded books. And lots of fun it was too!

Eleven lovely ladies produced eleven very beautiful and individual books... each one quite unique.

By a stroke of good fortune there was a rather fabulous hydrangea bush outside the hall with some gorgeous coloured petals so instead of using the ivy leaves that I'd brought along, several of the ladies used the hydrangea petals on their covers instead (including me!). This one below was made by Jackie.

And on Sunday... I retired to that sofa (with my laptop so I could do some studying)
More news... I have had a final adding up of the money raised at my pink party...

And we raised a magnificent £262... THANK YOU!
When I went to send off the cheques there was a form that required me to have a witness to sign that they had seen me add up the money and write the cheque... well I didn't! And then of course I proceeded to feel guilty as though I had embezzled the money, so you can all be my witnesses that the cheques have been written... and you'll have to take my word for it that they have been posted!

And finally.... I've had a preview of the cover of my DVD!
Not long now before it will be available.

Just a little excited!


  1. Congratulations all round - the magnificent cheques, the exciting DVD and the lovely book covers, looks like a productive weekend Gina.

  2. I think Jill says it all! You did get a chance to sit down even if it was to study!!!

  3. Will the DVD be out in time to put on my Christmas list? Hope so, even though I can't machine embroider for toffee. I can dream.

  4. Great excitement and congratulations Gina. Wonderful books - I love the hydrangea flowers too - great DVD, and fund raising too. Well done everyone.

  5. ooh Gina - I saw your DVD advertised on the Colouricious blog. Can't wait to see it. Many congratulations too. Some more beautiful books produced at the weekend. We're a clever bunch aren't we us humans?

  6. Well done to all your ladies for their books and well done all round for the great achievement on Pink Friday. Can't wait to see the DVD!

  7. What a fantastic total! And the little books are gorgeous as well. :o)

  8. Well just in case you haven't got enough to do then wander over to the postmans knock blog and see if you fancy the idea of a christmas "do"!

  9. Brilliant stuff with the cakes. I saw you poised ready for action behind your sewing machine in the colouricious email this morning, so knew it couldn't be long before the DVD appeared!

  10. Just to reinforce Jill's comment!

  11. Gina, I am delighted to be one of your witnesses! Congratulations on that DVD.

    Once again, you are getting me (any perhaps some other readers) wondering where on earth you do find the time to do all that you do.


  12. How exciting, the cover looks great, can't wait for the DVD! :)

  13. So you should be excited too - congratulations!


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