Monday, 1 November 2010

A Week of Colour

It was a busy week, last week... four days of teaching, four different groups, four different venues and four different classes.

So as I'm joining in with Emma's Splash of Colour project, I thought I would show some of the colourful fabrics created at ArtVanGo last Thursday. Ten talented ladies produced an amazing array of samples of which only a small selection are shown here. They started by making braids, which they stitched together to create new fabrics.

Colourful and sparkly!

Then they progressed to using sticky backed soluble fabric, laying down grids with the braids they had made earlier, adding bits and pieces as they went, finally stitching it all together.

With some of the ladies making colourful cuffs.

A beautiful selection of colourful samples.

If you have popped over to Emma's Slash of colour post today you will notice she has posted a picture of little P in a pumpkin costume... and it prompted me to dig out some pictures of Ben and Sam wearing their pumpkin costumes twenty four years ago! Sam was 18months old and Ben was just 4

The costume little P is wearing is the very same one that Sam is wearing here!

The busy week finished with flying visit up to Dundee as Stewart's Dad was celebrating a significant birthday. A lovely weekend with all the family.

Happy Birthday George!

I'm hoping this week might be a little less frantic... but knowing me that's unlikely as I'm frantically stitching pieces of lace!


  1. Sounds like you need a sit down!

  2. Those braids stitched to make fabric are wonderful. What a great idea. Like the Coffee Lady, I am very much enjoying Emma's Splash of Colour group - the pictures have been so lovely. Hope this next week is a little less stressed for you. Take care :) x

  3. what a busy bee you are and degree work as well

  4. Great photo's of the boys!
    I'm doing the splash of colour too, boy do I need it. Hope you enjoy your less frantic week.

  5. I envy you your energy! The stitched braids are beautiful - it's interesting to note the differences between the various students' work. Love the pumpkin costumes but will your boys forgive you for showing us those photos! That's a lovely family photo. Happy lace stitching this week.

  6. Oh, yes, lace! We're home now so I can have a squirrel about.

  7. Look at those little boys! It's brought a tear to my eye to think that's the same costume!

    Wow, what beautiful, colourful work. That piece with the leaf shapes is stunning!

    Thanks so much for joining in Gina. Hope the stress dies down a little.

  8. I am loving bouncing around looking at these splashes of colour. Lovely work by your ladies........ get that head down and stitch that lace.... :O))))

  9. Wonderful work your ladies have done and what a good giggle at the pumpkin boys!

  10. I don't know how you fir it all in Gina. I love the cuffs and i love the handing on of the pumpkin outfit.


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