Thursday, 10 September 2009


The private view of the exhibition was yesterday afternoon and so far the reaction has been very positive. If you want to see more pictures you can find some on the ERTF blog and if you are really excited by what you see and you live in the Eastern counties then why not join us!

Completely unrelated, but long overdue are some thank yous as I've been the lucky recipient of some giveaways. First this beautiful felt and embroidery postcard from Micki which I love... thank you Micki.

And secondly these great cards from Monda which I also love... thank you Monda!

But that was not all... I had completely forgotten that I had also been picked for a PIF gift from Monda too and so along with my cards came this brilliant stitched paper collage... and

A fabric corsage.... which just happens to be perfect...

For my winter jacket! (Although I'm not sure what has happened to the colour in this photo!)

All of which means of course that I've got to pay it forward too! So if you fancy receiving a PIF gift from me sometime in the next 12 months (probably means next September!) then leave me a comment letting me know by Sunday evening. I will then pick three names using a complex system of bits of paper in a hat and those three people will get something hand made from me. All you have to do is promise to pay it forward to three more people once you receive my gift.


  1. I promised myself I wasn't going to do another PIF - but I can't resist asking to be put into the hat this time ...

  2. The exhibition looks really great, and I love the cards and other goodies too.

  3. Just a thimbleful....

    I have never heard of PIFs but it sounds fun - count me in! I am stewarding at the exhibition tomorrow (Friday) so will be able to have a good, long, hard look. Notice your full length portrait is evident in your photograph .....

  4. Ooo what lovely goodies. I haven't PIFed or been PIFed for a while, so count me in please.
    twiggy x

  5. I've never been pif'd or heard of it before. Do you have to pif to someone that has a blog or will any creative person do? Please enter my name into your hat!
    I thought the private view went really well, every time I see the exhibition, it looks better and better. See you Sunday. Mx

  6. Congrats on the exhibition - I will get across if I can! I have not heard of PIF before but count me in - it sounds fun!!!

  7. The exhibition looks great - congratulations! Sorry I can't get along. I haven't heard about the PIF thing either but I'd love to go in the hat!

  8. What lovely goodies! And the exhibition looks wonderful!

    Lucy xxxx

    (but please don't include me in your PIF drawing as, although I would LOVE to received a PIF from you, I really can't commit to any more as I have so many still to do!)

  9. please can i be in the hat?! the exhibition looks great. and what lovely goodies.


  10. wish I could come and see your exhibition ~ love all the art you received what amazing goodies. I would love to be included on one of your bits of paper in the hat and promise should I be picked I will pay it forward to three more people, have a great weekend ~ Judy xx

  11. They are lovely items, I love the little birds! Don't put me in th edraw as I am a bit skint and busy so can't commit. x

  12. I've just been catching up Gina. Well done on for finishing your latest module. I like the ideas you have been working on and the continuation of your 'Birth of Woman' following so soon after it. Your children are growing up and you are blossoming and doing your own thing. Starting a new chapter in your life and I have a feeling this will be a very successful one. Enjoy it!


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