Thursday, 25 June 2009

Food Glorious Food!

I think it is official... this blog has absolutely nothing to with textiles. This was meant to be week of experimental samples for my degree, getting some work done on an exhibition piece and preparing some samples for an article... but when someone offered me a bag full of these at the beginning of the week it would have been rude to refuse...

Disappointed that I'd missed the best of this year's elderflowers in time to make elderflower cordial, I was determined not to let another opportunity pass. On this morning's walk I managed to find a few blooms of creamy flowers left.

Which was just enough to combine with the gooseberries...

to make six jars of gooseberry and elderflower jam.

I love that the jam is such a wonderful garnet colour compared to the vivid green of the berries. I'm off to make some scones now... after all the jam needs to be sampled. I promise something textile related soon. On the other hand there are still enough gooseberries left to make some ice cream...

P.S. Thank you for all your kind messages about Joe. While I was left with the anxiety of what might have been he has taken himself off on the coach to Glastonbury for five days... with not a care in the world! I guess that's how it should be.


  1. Ooohhh, yum -- I wish I were there for some scones and your beautiful jam. And I love that you branch out from textiles and show us the rest of your life!

  2. Oh yummeeeeee Gina! You can't beat Gooseberry jam for scones or a jam sponge.

    I made Gooseberry Curd - which has the advantage of not only using the home-grown goosegogs but also uses eggs from our hens :-) I can't admit to having mastered getting it to set stiff, but it tastes deeeee-licious! and would make a wondrous fool or icecream.

    ...must get back to baking for the village fete on Saturday...

  3. Nearly time for the annual gooseberry and elderflower cake binge here - yum!

    And Celia's reminded me I need to bake for our fete on Sunday too. Oh blimey.

  4. A very summery post today. Lovely!

  5. Oh! what a wonderful post, even if I am trying to avoid anything containing calories!! Your jam looks so pretty, and isn't it lovely opening a cupboard and seeing those jars of deliciousness. Good to know Joe is unscathed - it is the thoughts of what might have happened which do the damage.

  6. I think our children are amazing sometimes and can certainly teach us a thing or two!! I'm sure he'll have a great time at Glasto!!
    your jam looks scrummy!


  7. So sorry to hear about Joe's accident - that must have been such a shock. It's great that you turned to cooking - such a lovely and productive to channel all the anxiety away. I hope you're over the shock and that this weekend brings lots of stress-free relaxation.

  8. Oh how yummy! I think we'll be picking our gooseberries this weekend. One of these days I must learn how to make jam. But at least there'll be ice cream in the meantime! K x

  9. I don't mind a bit if it is ALL food - your cooking is inspirational (as well as delicious to dream about)

  10. I enjoy just looking at the food you create x

  11. Hi, I made some Gooseberry jam today as well. I didn't know you could add elderflower. I will try next year. By the way, I like your website!

    Kind regards, Madelief


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